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Posted Apr 8, '08 at 9:49pm



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Well, aside from story let me just give it to you how I think I could.. er.. whatever.

In heaven, or so its told, is a place beyond imagination, its awesome. The Food you eat will taste different, and betterer each time. Everything you do will make you happier, you will live in a world of eternall bless. I think theres something about being at the age you were at your fittest, not sure. Anyway, to put it in simple terms.

Hell is a state to be as farthest away from God, but, to be away from God you can't have whatever God gave you, but whatever God didn't want you to have. Which is pain, Suffering, Torment, Hellfire, and so much more. After all, he is the most Merciful, most Graicful.

On the other hand, Heaven is like the holy land times 50. Everything you ever dreamed of and more. Therefor, Its like God giving you your reward for passing the test he put you up to.


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I only believe in Hell. Not the 'Christian Hell' but as a place of living, doing whatever you want to and a state of well being. But that is only for those who have committed their soul to Father Satan. And as for those who didn't, they are cast into a pit of eternal suffering. Ain't it grand?


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My idea of an afterlife is somewht like christianity but a little diffrent. I believe that when you die you are judged and if you have lived a good life you get to go to a heaven. Heaven is much like the world just perfect and with a big palace in the middle of it where the Gods live. Also its much nicer than now a days, you don't die again and live blessed until the end of days, when the world ends that is. If you are judged badly (for many different reasons this can happen) you aren't sent ot a hell, you just die like in the Athesit beleif of death.