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Why do people really care

Posted May 11, '08 at 10:48am



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@Skyla: Good way to put it! I think you explained it better than I could have. I think the timeframe on human-like fossils goes from 4-2 million for ape-like fossils, and 1.2 million to 400k for direct ancestors.

@Strop: So, I would be incorrect if I said that there's zero benefits to religion, like social interaction, and perhaps the architecture that gets put into mosques, or cathedrals, or temples. However, those benefits serve a purpose as their own end. I think it would be better if we did something else that had those same benefits but served the greater good of humanity, not our fantasies of what the supernatural is like.


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Kane said:

...not our fantasies of what the supernatural is like

This is in fact a criticism that occasionally surfaces from within the structure of organised religion.

So I can relate to it- after all, it may seem, sometimes, that some religious people make a very big deal about whether one is going to spend eternity in Heaven, or Hell (or purgatory, should your beliefs accommodate for it) the point that it ends up detracting from being relevant to our life here and now. But what if I were to suggest that you're being a little too reductive here? We can't ignore that there are at least motivations to belief in religion that seem to be common and yet exclusive to religion alone. By which I mean a certain sense of mythos or maybe spirituality that seems to be lacking, perhaps (arguably) to the detriment of today's modern societies.

How true this is, I personally do not know, seeing as I'm not a particularly spiritual person myself. But is this because that's the way I am, or am I missing something? (This is a rhetorical question...I wouldn't want you to take it at face value!)
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