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A intresting fact....

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Posted Apr 18, '08 at 8:14pm



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the bible doesn't have any contradictions, people who say it does either take someone's word for it or can't read correctly.


Posted Apr 18, '08 at 9:21pm



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I do believe there are, I could provide some examples if you want. There are a number of things that in the Bible it will say one thing, then later completely say the opposite. Not to mention all of the disciples' accounts of Jesus are all different. How do you know what the truth is?


Posted Apr 18, '08 at 9:36pm



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Yeah, thats what Id' like to know. Theres no real fine line of how your supposed to use this "Instruction Manual" to life if there are so many extra "Instruction packets" that seem to be saying different things.

Kinda like.. if your wanting to buy a vacuum, there all vaccuums, but they're instruction and put-together manuals are different.