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Al Gore (The Truth)

Posted Apr 19, '08 at 10:11pm



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Side fact: Al Gore owns the company that he pays "carbon offsets" to. If that's not hipocrisy, I don't know what is.
(and moe, he didn't invent the internet - some college professors did)


Posted Apr 19, '08 at 10:13pm



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Al Gore DID have a hand in the creation of the internet. But it wasn't all him.
Even still, I'm a Bush supporter, but I'd rather stick to facts than use propaganda in the defense of someone else. If you can cite it, I'll stand by the argument.


Posted Apr 19, '08 at 10:20pm



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I know he didn't invent the internet, but I'm not sure he knows he didn't invent it
Also, just because Bush has a house that's environmentally friendly, it doesn't imply that he gives a flip about the environment. If I owned a hybrid car that somebody gave me, does that mean I care about the environment? Of course not.
I seriously doubt that Bush had any idea of the availability or even the function of many of those features of his house; somebody probably hooked him up with some nice things. His involvement in ranching and oil drilling seem to indicate some bias towards carbon-based fuels. If he was really concerned about his carbon footprint, wouldn't he try to redo the house where he actually spends most of his time?


Posted Apr 19, '08 at 11:12pm



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So, when you invest in a company you don't get back all that you invest, even if you own it. You can't blame someone down if they are rich. At least he's helping and inspiring people about the enviorment. I really don't think the next ice age or heat up carbon doom is coming in my life, but I'm glad he tries to help people to keep our world as clean as possible.

Also, Bush has oil factorys, his dad does, and their both pretty rich. xP

[FACT: Bush makes less money than his VP, Dick Cheney]
(Annual Salary wise) XD

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