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[b]heres what i'd do get 2 nukes steal a U.S army fighter put the nukes in bomb africa and america get 1 more nuke then blow up south america leave australia for some dumb reason all the ppls and world came back yelled doh!!! out loud the police sore me they contacted the F.B.I and navy cause they thought it was serious cause it was stoll a truck and army truck now the army was after me the navy layed off cause they didn't think it was serious there were 3 highly explosive bombs then it said nuke i said "even better" they went off i went to the space place to launch forgot wha iot was called i snuck in to the launck still had my 3 nukes and dropped em quickly fixed the hole in window then i decided i couldn't go any where so i decided to fly to the sun it was a 30 day trip from where i was i kept 1 nuke then decided to blow up the sun but it just made it bigger and i died .

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