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Posted Apr 21, '08 at 9:36pm



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For the people 299 and below, this the Top 200 Club, if you are number 300, become number 299 or below to talk here. I'm not snobby I was just told to this by someone who didn't want to for some reason and I can't say his name, but just talk about whats chillin' and stuff. Anything...


Posted Apr 21, '08 at 9:39pm



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Yeah how about this topic will be locked because it has no sense to it and is spam. You should not create a club just to only talk to people in the top 299. That is what aim, or yahoo is for. If you want to talk freely without worring about spamming go to one of them sites. Thank You.

P.S. I am not telling you to leave ArmorGames just that if you like to chat alot the best place would be with a Aim.