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Create your barb, after get sum1 to rush you to hell.
Once in hell, go back to norm and lvl up to lvl 25, once at lvl 25 reset all your skill and stats points.
Do HELL DIABLO RUNS and wait until your around lvl 60 or 80.

Once at lvl 60 or 80 put stat points into str and dex, but only enough to use your equipment, after thats done pour the rest of the stats into vitality, you want to have alot of hp because youll be running into groups of enemies and taking loads of dmg.

Now Go to your skills tree and choose your preffered weapon, max out that mastery. then go to combat skills and only choose the skills which lead to ww once at ww max it out.
Now you will need warcries put 1 point into each of these skills:howl,shout,Battle orders, and Battle commands.
Now that your have these. max out battle orders. then you can put points into leap attack so that its maybe lvl 10.
Also get increased stanima,speed, iron skin and natural resistance.
And also

Now that youve done this you should be ready for battle.Put on your armor and go slice some monsters.BTW for the rush to hell, i am able to take you up to hell act4 pm me my acc is bodofdeath: ladder rusherggly non-ladder rusher:bodkillers

Also another good barb that can do up to 10k dmg
Weapon: Botd Ethereal Berserker with 380+ ed.
Gloves: Either Steelrends or Draculs, both are good for PvP but I suggest Steelrends.
Rings: 2 x Perfect Raven Frosts for their attack rating, dexterity, and cannot be Frozen mods.
Amulet: Highlords Wrath for its ias, +1 skills, and Deadly Strike.
Belt: Verdungos with 15 dr and 40 Vitality. 40 Vitality is a huge bonus, remember the more life you have the longer you live!
Armor: Enigma Archon Plate. This is extremely important for this Barbarian. With this you will be moving as fast as a sorc, killing faster, and also living longer. Also the fact that the Enigma is in Archon Plate tells you that your amour will have good defense.
Helm: Perfect or near perfect Arreat�s Face with a 40/15ias jewel in it.
Shield: There is only one shield that is worthwhile for a PvP and a PvM Whirlwind Barbarian and that is a storm shield with a 40/15ias jewel in it.
Boots: Gore Riders. These boots are great because they give Crushing Blow, Open Wounds, and Deadly Strike.
Charms: 1x Annihilus (+stats are more important then other mods), and then 31 x 3/20/20.
On switch 2 x Echoing weapons.

� Strength - 110 should be enough to get you through with this build
� Dexterity - 200. This will give you a lot of attack rating, and also give you maxed block. Remember with this build you can�t afford to miss with Whirlwind, because if you do it may cause you to die, so the more Attack Rating the better.
� Energy - None.
� Vitality - The rest of your points go here.

20 - Axe Mastery
20 - Battle Order
20 - Whirlwind
20 - Shout (Combined with Iron Skin, melee duelers wont be able to hit you)
20 - Iron Skin (Combined with Shout, melee duelers wont be able to hit you)
1 - Increased Speed
Rest to Natural Resistance

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