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Atheism ( is there a God)

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Posted Aug 24, '10 at 12:10pm



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First, agnosticism doesn't handle your knowledge of religion or deities. It only says you can't prove anything, no matter how good you know religions. Second, yes, they are different things, but are associable; many atheists here are agnostic atheists, me included. Because I know there is no way to prove anything in religion, still I don't believe.

Agnosticism and gnosticism are also both part of deism as well, though.

Posted Aug 24, '10 at 12:25pm



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I think relativism works. Let people believe what they want to believe, perhaps they will get what they want in the end. Obviously, there is no empirical evidence to suggest the existence of a god but, if adhering to some philosophy based in a world where there is one makes you happy, go ahead.

I accept the ambiguity of it all.


Posted Aug 24, '10 at 12:37pm



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Yup its a other human that cannot take unknown as an answer. Humans do not know everything, but they do create reasons for stuff they do not "god".