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CoD MW2 spec ops missions

Posted Aug 24, '10 at 7:48pm



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right now im doing spec ops in CoD MW2 and im having a bit of trouble so could you guys post tips on how to get three stars(for doing it in SOLO MODE)I have one for:

Breach and Clear:
Go infront of you and grab a striker and an AA-12 then you breach the door and shoot the people there in the middle move to the right and run. Then when you get to the second room run around the lockers in the middle(try the right side as there usually is a guy on the left side) and then move to the middle before the riot sheilders get in the way. Finally run to the hole and your done.I did this in 14 seconds......better than IW.


Posted Aug 25, '10 at 1:06am



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Honestly the best place to go for guides and walkthroughs on solo special ops for MW2 missions is Youtube. Videos are always easier to follow.


Posted Aug 25, '10 at 6:10am



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for breach and clear what you have to do is run through it. use flashbangs on the riot sheild users.
It will take a few tries but if you still can't do it well then try the pit because you suck.

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