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Drawing legs

Posted May 7, '08 at 4:04am



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Actually, NoName, that's a good point. When I said "learn anatomy" I didn't mean "learn medical anatomy", because this is very difficult. The only reason I took such a formal approach (and consequentially the only reason I have a nearly complete understanding of musculo-skeletal human anatomy) is because of the years I spend studying it as part of my professional studies.

If you're not interested so much in actively learning "what type of joint does what bone have with each other" "what kind of muscle attaches and where does it attach" and all that, then you're better off looking up nude references yourself for real-life examples, or else buying one of those "How To Draw Anatomy" books that take an artistic approach. Learning by example is probably more effective, anyway.


Posted May 11, '08 at 1:15am



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try drawing three vertical lines about half an inch away from each other but make the middel one shorter and for the knees wright u's in the middle of the outside lines and the inside line and make the u's wide

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