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[duplicate idea] Forum Search. Kinda..

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Posted Oct 8, '10 at 7:26pm



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Well I had an idea that let you search for a forum that you've posted in. I think that this would help becasue i'm always searching for a forum that I can't remember the name of. So mabye this happens to others but then again mabye not.

I know that there could be a forum search added to the site itself but mabye you could also have something like this aswell.


Posted Oct 8, '10 at 8:03pm



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I think what you're talking about is the ability to see where someone has posted. So if you were to click on a username you'd find a spot where it say "find all posts by ..." "find all topics created by..." With the thousands of posts made by AG users constantly that could get pretty ridiculous.


Posted Oct 8, '10 at 8:10pm



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both of these ideas have already been covered. check the master ag3 suggestion thread for the links