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OK, I want to REtype this idea.

As you can find by simply typing in 'Free Rider 2' into the search bar, the list is kind of... broad.

100+ games turn up. The game Free Rider 2 itself is somewhere in the middle. This is pretty annoying, as it makes finding games a treasure hunt for no reason. So I think it should be improved in AG 3.0.

I have some ideas how this might work:

- Games with the most word hits are at the top, like a search engine
- Top rated games should also be closer to the top
- The current layout of the games is kind of hard to sift through. Perhaps the layout like search engines might work: Each game icon with a little description and the rating on the right side of it.

I realize I just criticized the search engine itself, not how the games are tagged. Maybe the admins could improve in the background there too.

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Yeah the AG2 search is broken. We've already described how AG3's search will be more accurate and will let you search for things like usernames, and other details users choose to share.

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