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New posts queue and a few minor features

Posted Oct 10, '10 at 6:02pm



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i like that format of it Kyouzou very good.


Posted Oct 10, '10 at 11:54pm



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I don't think the fields should be there by default.. Or at least there should be some way of excluding certain fields from display.. If all of 'em were there there'd be a lot of fields. AIM, ICQ, MSN, PS3, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Xfire, SteamID, Xbox Live, IRC, Skype, Xat...



Posted Oct 11, '10 at 12:52am



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Or maybe there could just be little logos on your profile on whatever info you have, and when you click on it it goes to your Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.

for MSN and Gmail and such a pop-up could open when you click on it which would tell you the email address. Would probably make the profile look less cluttered as well.


Posted Oct 11, '10 at 12:12pm



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Users will have access to show or hide whichever details you choose.

Per the original post:

New posts queue: A link at the top of the forum, which would show unread posts/newest posts, all in one list.

We've covered this.

Mark as Read: related to #1, the ability to mark posts as unread (by reading them) or mark a forum/all forums as read.

This is a common forum feature that we'd probably look at implementing only if we want to show people which topics have been updated since the last time you were at the forums.

Notifications system: This would be helpful for us if people comment, you get a merit, etc. for example:

This stuff has been covered already

Social groups

Already covered.

Posted Oct 11, '10 at 3:54pm



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Yeah i love the club idea

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