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This is a quick, small suggestion. I'm not sure if you've covered this or not (I've check the "Master AG3 Suggestion List - Please look here first before submitting new ideas" thread) but I think you guys should put a word requirement for the forums or comments. Or both. This way it could semi-stop the spamming for one word posts on the forums and comments.
Don't do a character requirement because they could just type "lololololololololololololololololololol" repeatedly but a word requirement with real words.

I don't know, just give it a try?

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I think that a manual judging will always be required... see (and I'm poking the wasps nest with a huge stick here), if you would make a sentence that's just as long as the required (say for example) 20 words lenght as a standard in a notepad file and then copy that to the particular post section, you'd pass the detection of re-accurring words! 0_o

# Example for a forum post:

"I certainly agree with that opinion, but it doesn't sound really good to me... maybe in time it will eventually..."

This is a comment that could be used on a variety of topics that doesn't say anything in specific, but it does sound like a 'normal' post...

# Another example, on a game review this time:

"I liked the game very much! Controls are good and the music is great! I really enjoyed playing this game!"

Again... this post doesn't seem generated, but more like a true review post from a user and it can only be detected by a moderator who recalls seeing it before!

Therefor manual moderation of posts and comments will always be needed!

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I think that a manual judging will always be required...

But of course, we don't have the man and woman power to do so :'(

The first comment you posted is spam, but the second one, not. I believe Cenere once said "If I can say 'why?' to a comment or review, it's not legit", paraphrased of course.

In the forums, if you post post#1, that can qualify as spam. Why do you think so? Although it has the word capacity to seem productive, it most certainly isn't.

This is why this and the Rate/Comment Timer thread's arguments crumble faster than a gingerbread cookie.
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Pperhaps what should happen is that after a forum post, game review, or comment is flagged a number of times...say three, the post is automatically replaced with a text that states, "This text will reappear after review by an administrator/moderator." The original comment would then be sent to the inbox of an admin or mod and they could go from there.

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We've already covered spam systems in here folks. We'll have ways for you as a community to flag things as spam, or inappropriate, or whatever, and it will be hidden from your eyes and if enough people flag it, a mod or admin will see it show up in their tools for review.

A word count requirement is a fairly easy process, there are tools out there which can count the number of unique words, or look for repeating words. But truth be told, we'd have to come up with a "white list" of words to exclude, otherwise the word 'the' would flag you as a spammer, etc.

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