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Beta test section for people to test people's games

Posted Oct 12, '10 at 7:19pm



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What if there was a section for programmers to upload a beta of their game/ a section for them to give previews of it? And when they had finished their game, they could take it off the section and just add it to one of the other categories.


Posted Oct 12, '10 at 7:37pm



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I believe John did a beta of Exit Path a couple days before it was the full version: except he uploaded it directly to the game list.

Game developers are that: game developers. They have powers similar to a mod, which means that they can sticky their threads and such; I believe they would use this power to provide any updates to their game. If any developers wanted to have users beta test their games, they would do so in the Programmer's forum, while providing updates or they would directly beta the game in the database.


Posted Oct 12, '10 at 7:52pm



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This topic has already been discussed, and I brought it up at this week's developer meeting where Larry agreed this would be a neat thing to have.

We'll need to work out the logistics of how to let people link to a swf/image/music hosted elsewhere. (I don't think we'd want the liability of hosting the content ourselves)

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