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Re-rating games

Posted Oct 13, '10 at 12:14pm



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I think re-rating games is a good idea with no AP adding or losing, but if Cormyn says it will be annoying let's say only a change for user.
A question: if a game is updated, can you modify your rating? Because this is fundamental I think.


Posted Oct 13, '10 at 12:37pm



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I think really re-rating games should be done without taking off or adding AP. Also once after a few mins, the rating will increase/decrease only a bit.

If it is from 9 to 2 like Cormyn said, then I think that, as long as users are being honest that should be ok. Not all games on AG are good, not everyone will give 10/10 to any game in AG, or in fact any other website.


Posted Oct 13, '10 at 2:28pm



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but I'd be cautious to let you re-rate something more than +/- only a few points, like +/- 2 points, and only let you re-rate one time. We'd hate for a game to start dropping from a 9.something average to a 2.something average because people got bored.

Well, for the serious users, this shouldn't be a problem. In fact, since there are more in-depth ideas surfacing about how to rate and such, this matter shouldn't be too much of a problem, as users will be prompted to play the game for a while before rating.

The fault could happen, but it shouldn't be expected, could it?

Posted Oct 13, '10 at 6:56pm



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this would be cool because i rated a game 0.5 on acident and i feel bad


Posted Oct 13, '10 at 10:46pm



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Well, cap'n, rest assured that one vote out of thousands won't sway things too badly. Unless it's a brand new game with very few ratings.


Posted Oct 14, '10 at 9:10am



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I don't see the need to be able to change game ratings at any time in the future, too much hassle for too little result if you ask me, but then again... I'm not a mod/admin, just a simple user! LOL =D

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