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My idea: Previews of Upcoming Games

Posted Oct 15, '10 at 11:10am



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would these be games that are upcoming from AG developers or all games?

All games.

Posted Oct 15, '10 at 3:26pm



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Adding this feature to AG3 could allow Game designers find beta testers easier.


Posted Oct 15, '10 at 5:53pm



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find beta testers easier.

We're already looking at ways for gamedevs to beta test their game through the web site. The SWF and such would need to be hosted elsewhere, but it should be able to give gamedevs a way to get some quick feedback from players who want to be beta testers.

I'll mention the preview idea to Dan. I'm not sure we can do previews of EVERY game, but we could certainly encourage our own gamedevs to post a screenshot now and then of what they're working on. I think Con and Joey have done this in the past.

Posted Oct 15, '10 at 10:42pm



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Teasers = more players = more plays = more ads viewed = more cash, right? *nudge nudge*

I'm going to say more AG-oriented and recognized developers are going to do this, while unknown or regular ol developers won't use it, because they haven't heard of it. Either way, when a game is known, someone can ask the developer "hey, go to this link and drop us some lines! Your game will be better known!" It can work out if the conditions are right.


Posted Oct 15, '10 at 10:51pm



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Well, the only thing with this is, and since my programming knowledge is still on the level of uber noob, I may be wrong, but Wouldn't the game have to be complete enough for it to be tested? At this point, everything would have to work, and why wouldn't the game developers just wait he few eeks to realease the game? Unless of course, you just go one part done, and realeased that. Yes...I guesse that makes since.


Posted Oct 16, '10 at 9:20pm



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I suggested game movie/ game ads before too, so I would have to say this is a good idea.

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