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3-D flash games?

Posted Oct 15, '10 at 6:49am



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I don't know about that...

I think the main problem with this is that Flash doesn't have some sort of 3D function yet. It might never have one for the purpose of simplicity and computer power.

And if this is a Flash game site, then that probably means 'no'.

There's also a difference between flash files and video files. You can't simply put a game into a converter (If one exists for 3D) and get a 3D game. The 3D software you're thinking of i probably for photos and movies. Most likely they will require extra things, like taking cameras that allow 3D with their double lenses (At least, that's how I understood it went...)

Some of the newer laptops/ monitors are 3-D ready. As for the glasses, yes they are expensive.

Those things are super expensive also. It's a new thing, so they overprice it. And they haven't perfected it yet with mass production.

Posted Oct 15, '10 at 7:04am



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I believe Joe wasn't clear about what kind of 3D he meant. Anyhow, I've only seen one 3D flash game and it was in painful anaglyph. Why make a category when there are no games to put in it?

That should be the end.


Posted Oct 15, '10 at 7:48am



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Yes I think that we should wait to have a few games before making a section but about the glasses here in Italy many cinemas give you a pair of glasses for a small raise on the ticket price and you can use them every time you want.


Posted Oct 15, '10 at 5:20pm



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I could see the day come very soon where we'll be shooting down zombies by having the option to either move the board around, like you can with on-line chess or zoom-in and do a 360-degree spin to see if a zombie's sneekin' up on 'ya.


Posted Oct 15, '10 at 5:29pm



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Yeah, I only meant if they had 3-D games...if they only had 1, then that could probably go in Miscellaneous for the meantime.

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