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Highscore section

Posted Oct 19, '10 at 5:30pm



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On AG3 there could be a section for highscores.
That would make it easier to find highscores, and people in the top 100 on AG2 could have a leaderboard on the main page near the bottom (Or maybe a link to the chart)


Posted Oct 19, '10 at 5:59pm



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Sounds like something AGi would have installed, instead of AG3.

Game related, AGi handles all highscores by submitted players (and are deleted if 100% sure it is a hacked score) and are put in a database.

Community based, AG3 will probably employ what AG2 already has and have leaderboards for the amount of AP/karma* earned.

AGi would be more...viewable?


Posted Oct 20, '10 at 12:32pm



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Yeah, the AGI already lets you view the high scores, but it would be interesting to see a few of the high scores on the game page itself without playing the game.

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