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This is poll I got premission off a mod so this won't be spam.Just vote for your favourite section please and tell me why?

You can pick from:

Game walkthroughs
The tavern
Movies & music
Support & Suggestion's
Art & Music
Vote here on my profile okay and I will count your vote thanks!

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1. Support & Suggestions ~I always find myself in here first, to offer help or see what good ideas people are coming up with!~
2. World Events, Politics, Religion, etc. ~Theres always something interesting brewing in here, though sometimes it gets too intense for me~
3. The Tavern ~I pop in here after the above one, to clear my mind from any deep topics~4. Games ~I hop in here occasionally, to see what is happening. Im not much of a platform gamer, though I used to be, so I can toss in my .02~
5. Movies & Music ~Im a huge fan of movies, thought not the generic ones, so I dont have much to put here~
6. Art & Music ~I like to peruse, though I dont have anything to contribute usually, Im not a computer artist as much as a hands-on artist~
7. Game Walkthroughs ~Most of the games I play here don't necessitate a walkthrough, I only use them when I reeeeally need em~
8. Programming Help ~I wouldnt even know where to start...~

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Well I would have to say this order off my top

The Tavern
Movies & Music

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