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Forum directory on the bottom of the page.

Posted Oct 24, '10 at 12:05pm



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When ever I post in a thread I always end up at the bottom of the page, sometimes, since I'm using a lap top it is very time consuming to move my cursor over to the right side of my screen and scroll all the way up, to just click 'Community'. So I thought that it would be nice if in AG3 there would be a "Community ΓΆ' Armor Games v3" at the bottom of the page, so that it would be much easier to navigate the forums after you have just posted.


Posted Oct 24, '10 at 7:38pm



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Modern browsers will let you hit your HOME key to jump back to the top of the page. Or use PgUp.

But we'll take your idea into consideration.


Posted Oct 25, '10 at 9:25am



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Just an idea, but wouldn't that 'crowd the page' too much? :/
I mean, then everything would need a double 'button' on the page...

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