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Posted Oct 27, '10 at 1:00pm



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I think that on your profile you should have acheivments.Like lets say you made a game for armor games or you commented 100 posts on the forum.If you gain an acheivments you gain some armor points.Max would be 30 or 40 and Lowest would be 5.If you unlock all of the achevments you would gain a title like The Master or The Legend.Harder achevments would give you more AP(Armor points).Also if you unlock all the achevments you gain 2 special armaters.Plz support.

P.S If there was an idea before just like this then i didnt know about it then.


Posted Oct 27, '10 at 2:11pm



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Yes I agree that would be really cool to have acheivements, because then it will give people incentives to participate in the AG community. The issue though is then there may be spamming of the forums and such from people looking to get it quick, so there are good and bad things involved.


Posted Oct 27, '10 at 2:41pm



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We've already covered this. Achievements will be part of AG3.