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Posted Oct 31, '10 at 6:46pm



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Maybe if there is a custom rating system (ex. art, music, game-play, etc.), there could be a little caption underneath that would say what the game was rated highest for.
An example:
There is a new game that has really awesome music, but lacking artwork and pretty much everything else. That game would have a little tag that would read "Music".


Posted Nov 1, '10 at 3:00am



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We discussed several rating options last week. Dan and Larry had a pretty lengthy conversation about how we want to rate games in AG3. The biggest hurdle we'll have with separating music, art, game play, etc., is that every users "weighs" those things differently, so ratings on a whole may not be accurate.

We'll have more to discuss over the course of November while we figure out how to port the AG2 ratings to AG3.

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