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Linking Forum Threads To Games

Posted Nov 1, '10 at 11:57pm



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We already have a way to show/hide blocks of information on the play page, so we can block walkthroughs by default. I just don't want to confuse users who aren't sure whether to post their walkthrough on the game page or in the forum. Plus allowing walkthroughs in the forums means admins and mods have to deal with duplicate threads. This is why I'd much rather just have them on the game page, and maybe allow users to post comments on them.

We'll have to discuss this as a team over here for a while first.


Posted Nov 6, '10 at 12:41am



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Or y'all could do this. Like at the start of your post you could be un-lazy and write "Walkthrough/Guide of Age of War" or whatever.

Just something I noticed, when I searched for Age of War it wasn't where it usually is in the search, at the bottom. In fact, it wasn't there. I had to use history D:


Posted Nov 6, '10 at 3:09am



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We've looked at having walkthroughs and reviews written right on the game play page itself, and not in the forums. While I like the idea of cross-linking between the two, we probably want to avoid having redundant places to find information.

So true. I have seen many games with many threads, one example being colony. It would be pretty redundant

Posted Nov 6, '10 at 11:43am



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Do you mean adding a link to the game where if you click that link you be directed to a thread that is a discussion/walkthroughs only? I think that's a good idea. What you could add to it is have the title state "OFFICIAL [Insert game name here] Thread".

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