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Possible size fix

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Posted Nov 1, '10 at 6:18pm



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Well, the title was fail....

Anywyas. In the top right corner it displays your armatar, your name, your controll panel, and log out.

However, if your name is to long it does not fit in the cute little white box they have there. Control panel, and logout, get half shoved behind game quick jump, and are terribly hard to see. It isn't a large problem, it just looks rather crappy.

This also isn't a very prominate issue for the number of people with stupidly long names, is rather small. It just seemed odd to me, to allow users to have such long names, that don't fit in the designated spot. And it kinda looks goofy on profiles to.


Posted Nov 1, '10 at 6:28pm



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LOL Seems appropriate for you to ask this, but you're quite right! =D
I bet they will have this fixed when the new AG3 launches!
And if not, you've clearly pointed them to the flaw waiting to be fixed!
Good one then!


Posted Nov 1, '10 at 7:51pm



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usernames are limited to a certain length, but the new AG3 won't have the same avatar/username block like AG2 does.

Be sure to sign up for the beta and test out AG3 with your long username, and let us know if we need to adjust anything.