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Posted Nov 7, '10 at 2:31pm



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i don't know if this has been talked about, but here's my idea:

the thing i find most annoying with a forum is that you don't know if someone posted before you did and they said the same thing. Normally i post something and i look stupid saying the same thing. the only way to avoid that is by refreshing the page.

Would it be possible to Have the forum page refresh itself while your writing something? (this way you can avoid giving the same comment or answer as the person that posted at the same time, or before you)


Posted Nov 7, '10 at 4:37pm



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This would be unneeded (IMO) if we had an edit function on the forums, which has already been discussed.


Posted Nov 7, '10 at 5:24pm



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I don't mind it. It's fun ninja'ing people and you can always say that you made a mistake n your next post. But be sure not to double post.

I don't think this suggestion is needed. :P


Posted Nov 8, '10 at 12:42am



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This has already been covered.