I would never give out any personal info to ad companies. Not even my gender.

You might have heard of the expression "Big brother is watching you..."?
Not to discourage you to go online or even frighten the living daylights out of you, but once you go on the internet, (almost) everything you do (write/click/visit/etc.) is monitored on a lot of websites... take 'Google' for an example: they track a lot of stuff you look up through their website and 'help' you the next time you want to use their 'free search tool'... they even provide 'free programs' to 'help' you search easier! Leaves some room for thought huh?

just ignore the ads like everybody else does.

THIS is an undesirable thing to do 'thaboss'... you might wonder why?!
Well, cormyn stated it clearly in his post above:
"Still, the ads and what we get for selling apps on iTunes pay our salaries, so I'm not going to complain too loudly about the ads. )"
So clicking advertisements on ArmorGames is something needed and therefor not to be discouraged...

If you want to read more info on why this is something users need to keep doing, just read the thread made by 'Klaushouse' about why ads are useful to ArmorGames... it's all clearly stated in there!

Man... this thread was buried! But I found it with my 'google shovel'! LOL hahaa... :P