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Posted Nov 10, '10 at 9:55pm



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I just had an idea. What would it take to make armorgames available on other languages (German, French, so on)


Posted Nov 10, '10 at 10:59pm



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I cannot find the exact thread that discussed this. In fact, I don't think there was a thread specifically on internationalizing AG3. But I do know that somewhere in a thread, we discussed having the text on AG3 translated into multiple languages. The text from other users won't be translated, just the various links, commands, buttons, etc.


Posted Nov 11, '10 at 2:32pm



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The text from other users won't be translated

That won't be possible. You can change the bunttons etc, but translating the text of users on the community will require a system to translate it. Enough words have mutliple meanings, and thus it's inefficient.

Any idea though, which languages?

Posted Nov 11, '10 at 4:30pm



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Freak and Healmeal are correct, we ARE going to work on an internationalization of the site, but we will probably state in our rules that all comments left on the site must be done in English so we don't have to hire a world-wide team of translators.

Translating things on the fly is possible with translation tools, but they're expensive and inaccurate which makes it impractical.