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Sign if you like Armor Games.

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Posted Apr 28, '08 at 5:39pm



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The title is pretty much self-explanatory. I made a thread like this here earlier but alas it fell deep within the many pages of topics....
So here is thread number two. All you need to do is sign your AG name and maybe leave a short note to AG thanking them for all their hard work. By the way, when I made this thread there were 75,219 members! Let's see if we can get ALL of them to sign.

I'll start:
Sithman05 Thanks AG for all your hard work. You've kept me entertained for hours!


Posted Apr 28, '08 at 5:42pm



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Whats the point?

I mean if we alreadt did one like it, then there is no point in redoing the same one, so this is really spam. mabey if it were diffrent in some way then sure why not...


Posted Apr 28, '08 at 5:46pm



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50% of that 75,000 probably has fewer than 10 armor points.

&& I think most people here hate Armor Grounds, anyway.