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[AG3 Suggestion] Armor Games Quiz

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Posted Nov 22, '10 at 6:47pm



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So i tought that armor games should every 1 month have a test.Thre would always be diffrent questions like Who is the oldest member on armor games or who created armor games and that.So when every month passes and you log in onto your account you will get a pop-up on front of your screen saying "The Armor games Quiz" "Do you wish to take the test?".The test will see how good do you know armor games.If you go see your ranks on your profile you will see Forum posts and that.There would then be a new thing called "Tests Pasted".If you pass a test you will get some Ap Points.There would be a max of 10 questions.The more questions you answer correctly the more Ap you get.Max Ap is 15 or 20 while the lowest is 0.You gain that if everything is un-correct.Also if you pass enough tests you will gain special armaters.If you pass 10 tests you gain special armaters.Then if you pass 30 more special armaters.Then After you pass 50 tests you gain the ultimate special armaters.It would take a long time to pass 50 tests but it would pay out.

P.S To pass a test you must have 7 or more questions correct.


Posted Nov 22, '10 at 7:00pm



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Neat idea. Please post it at Get Satisfaction.