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Posted Nov 30, '10 at 2:10am



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i say we need a way to hook people. sure, the whole entire games part works fine, but people don't really seem all that excited about the forums. we need a incentive. sponsorship. special features available for those who sponsor the site via five or ten dollars every six months. possible sponsor abilities could be:
editing posts
colour posting
new game alerts
and so much more!

feel free to post any ideas.


Posted Nov 30, '10 at 2:27am



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Well there already is a set of incentives for the forums. They are called Armor Points.
The sponsorship idea is interesting though but one of the things I like about AG is it is free, I didn't like because of the pay for membership thing they had.


Posted Nov 30, '10 at 12:28pm



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Well, AG3 probably isn't going to give out points just for commenting. The new reputation system will be used to track how well users like/dislike your feedback, and that reputation score will be used for other things on the site.

I doubt we'll ever go to a "paid membership", but you're welcome to post it on GetSatisfaction if you want more company feedback.