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Avatars in AG3??

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Posted Dec 7, '10 at 1:11pm



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nonononononononono....This is what I was talking about:

It's a community tile project by Gantic. We submit pictures like an armatar challenge, but without the implementation of them. It's mostly for fun, and the rest for getting better at art. Right now, we are doing seasons as a theme. The last one was a signature of us as users. For instance, I made one with my dwarf helmet in the shape of an F. Anyway, it's really fun to do--I encourage everyone to try it at least once. That, and the tile compilation would look AWESOME with lots of entries. You can make as many as you want, in fact.


Posted Dec 7, '10 at 3:00pm



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i think we should have seasonal and like 5 or 10 armatars unlocked eached month i was thinking


Posted Dec 7, '10 at 4:20pm



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I like the armatars here. They have certain uniqueness that nothing else has. If you do take away the armatars a lot of people will be disappointed.

I feel the same way. I really like the ones here, and I haven't even seen all of them.
I really believe you should just be able to upload an appropriate armatar without a certain number of ap.

I don't. That would take out the fun of choosing the avatars we have here!

Posted Dec 7, '10 at 4:23pm



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If you guys want more armatars, leave a note for Dan and tell him so.