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sponsor attempt 2

Posted Dec 5, '10 at 11:42pm



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yeah, we were debating whether or not it should be a combonation of time spent and w/e the devil we go with as a form of A
P. they disagreed, so just a amount of AP. probably low, though.


Posted Dec 6, '10 at 3:19am



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Personally I think that such benefits should be to those of certain levels of rep as opposed to AP. From my understanding of the system with AG3, AP is more related to game accomplishments and soforth while rep is going to based off of users valuing your input.

I feel that rewards like what you are proposing would be best linked to the users who the community feel benefit AG the most, not the users who play/hack the most games. I would recommend you propose your idea to the developers and the community in a clearly explained manner detailing what benefits you would propose, as well as establish a link to user reputation which would unlock these benefits.

Furthermore, as I understand the rep system, users will be able to lose rep if their input becomes subpar and they are no longer contributing quality input to the site, which could also result in their losing their 'privileges', which I think would be a good motivator for users to not only strive to contribute in a helpful manner, but to maintain that tradition of quality, which may help maintain a standard within the AG community.

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