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Posted Dec 12, '10 at 12:14pm



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not the entirety of AG3

I would expect that you're not making it yourself.

rating spam won't exist in AG3

That's good. I don't like how people just spam ratings.

when we discipline them for it, they call us names. Or when we clean up spam, they get mad at us for taking away the ill-gotten points

I don't see why people get mad over points or how you guys discipline them. There's no reason to get mad over points in my opinion. The only thing that I like is the rank for example knight, lord, duke etc...

But will you guys be adding the Starry Shield back in AG3. I personally would like it. It looks really cool.

Posted Dec 12, '10 at 12:26pm



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I say have 1/2 of a point for rating games, but it does not show until you have a full point from rating.


Posted Dec 12, '10 at 3:46pm



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Well, rating is a good thing. So I don't care if someone rate spams.