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Posted Dec 12, '10 at 6:57pm



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Deleting threads could get ugly, and I suggested an auto-lock thing befor but I think it would be better if threads weren't auto-deleted.


Posted Dec 13, '10 at 6:02am



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Fixed. C/P'd entire block of text to allow deletion of previous post.

I see auto-deletion of threads after three days of inactivity to go against the point of having forums, somewhat. Locking them isn't good either.

- There is such a thing as acceptable revival as noted above. I've revived threads acceptably in the past.

- Even if you can get mods to unlock a thread, why bother with the whole process? It would be more convenient to have mods lock the necro'd threads which are problematic, instead of having them sift through all the locked threads people want unlocked.

- For some reason, people exaggerate the forum spam problems we face on AG. Go to Newgrounds or Kongregate.

- No other site has such a system.


Posted Dec 14, '10 at 1:09am



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Yeah, I agree with Joe96. Auto-lock would be better than auto-delete, otherwise we'll be answering the same questions over and over and over... bleh. I have better things to do. )