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Posted Dec 18, '10 at 9:37am



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But what's the advantage? We already have a feedback system that seems to be pretty good.

I would also like to add to what Reton8 said.
How long does it take for a person to write a paragraph?
How long does it take for a person to say a paragraph?
This is just an assumption but most paragraphs are between 3-10 sentences. Now lets assume you speak at a rate between 100-170 words per minute. (where 100 words per minute is incredibly slow, and 160 is average)
And lets also assume you write between 25-100 words per minute (where 100 words per minute is incredibly fast)
This is saying to write a paragraph would take a few minutes
and to say a paragraph would take less then a minute. This means you can say more about the game in a few minutes then you can typing for a longer time.
A good example is what I just wrote. This took me 7 minutes as of this point. Would it have taken me as long to explain this verbally?
Probably not.

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yes, but we all read a lot faster than we speak. (at least i do) so, it's not about how long it takes for us to type things, because it doesn't really matter if it takes long to type it because we don't stare at the topic, refreshing it every minute, to try to get a reply. we look at every hour or so, and thats more than enough to get a lot of replies. you got three different replies in one hour. it is easier for the maker of the review to say it instead of typing it because it takes less time and it doesn't hurt your fingers, but it's easier for the reader because they read a their speed and it's quicker for them to read, than to listen. so it's kind of selfish to want a video review. also, video reviews do not make much sense, because people probably won't watch a whole youtube video just to see what someone else thinks about that game. this feature might be only useful to the creator of the game, so it might work. also, there is the problem of privacy. if you watch a video of a person talking, you see what that person looks like, and you also might see things in the background that could give clues about where that person lives. and there is the other problem of language. many people on AG speak different languages. this might be a problem for users that don't speak the language of that certain review. this is an okay idea, but i think there are too many problems for it to become an official part of AG.


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Do you also read faster than you hear? (Think carefully when you answer that.)

I like the premise, and I can see where you got it from. -cough-IGN-cough- In any case the problem here would be that even when describing console games it takes all of 5 minutes a flash game review would probably be around a minute or two. Rather I would say take account of all the flash games released in one week (starting on Sunday). Make the videos for their reviews and then publish the collection as one video. This would be put on not only youtube page but on the Facebook page, further increasing publicity for the site, and it's flash games.

What I mean by the second is that many people upon looking at the wall of text that usually describe a new game, say "Screw it, I don't feeling reading this." and the game slips from their mind, whereas a video review with scenes of gameplay would've had a better chance of keeping the game in the watchers mind.

The reviewers would ofcourse be most likely administrators and/or moderators and those merited users who are willing.


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nice :L

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