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[vs] Favourite GAME/CONSOLE of all time

Posted Oct 17, '13 at 12:59am



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Kingdom Hearts series - can't ever stop!
The World Ends With You - First time I've ever experienced a game with a storyline so good that maximized the DS. Hope it gets a remake.
SMTIV - It's Shin Megami Tensei. It's delving into everything that made Persona awesome, and incredibly creepy.


Posted Oct 24, '13 at 4:40pm



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I like playing Black Ops 2 on my friends PS3, but I have to say my favorite counsel is the Xbox 360.


Posted Oct 27, '13 at 11:12pm



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my favorites within the gens i grew up with

snes > genesis
playstation > n64 / dreamcast
gamecube > ps2 / xbox
ps3 > wii/xbox
ps4 > xbox one / wii u


and gameboy advance sp over any other hand held

but i have no ALL time favorite


Posted Oct 29, '13 at 2:46am



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Mario Games are my all time Favourite GAMES


Posted Nov 2, '13 at 12:19pm



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XBOX- Best exclusive I think is the Halo Franchise because it is a game which I have played for a lot of my life and it is one of the games that have brought me up to loving video games.
Non exclusive- GTA V because it is open world, realistic and epic

[/quote]give Honeydew 46 64[/quote]


Posted Nov 20, '13 at 9:39am



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Test test test test test...

GTA V in Xbox 360 : Its realistic, but BETTER

Tales of Xillia in PS3 : I simply love the game, with it's roleplaying thing and stuff


Posted Nov 26, '13 at 11:13pm



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Battlefield 3/cause I got a whopping 1000 hrs
PS3(hopfully ps4 soon)


Posted Dec 15, '13 at 12:06am



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My favorite consul game ever was Mercenaries on PS2.
That is because you can literally do anything in that game that you can do in the real world of combat.
Its like the Grand Theft Auto of war games.
The Call of Duty series are all way to restrictive! I can memorize a COD game pretty fast.
Here is are few examples of what you can do in Mercenaries

Earn huge bucks from however you want

Capture wanted enemies and collect bounty from Allied forces

Hijack an enemy tank and use it against whoever you want and when ammo runs out, plant a C4 charge on it and use it as a high speed tank-bomb.

Purchase devastating air strikes for any fun target

Run people over with a Hummvee for big laughs

Shoot up entire cities with an assault gunship

Drag race with military vehicles.

Explore the massive Korean Countryside

Use an APC to carry friends into battle to fight with you

Order weapons and vehicles while in the field

Blow up anything

ETC, â¦...


Posted Jan 15, '14 at 5:46am



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Borderlands 2 - xbox for sure!


Posted Jan 19, '14 at 8:08pm



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I'm currently enjoying Mirror's Edge. For anyone unfamiliar with it, it's a very unique parkour game with rooftop runners and a "Big Brother" society of police. However, in this case, the police are frustratingly intelligent (they have helicopters with side-mounted LMGs), the courses are mostly pre-set (very little variation on ways to get from A to B, so it's not very open-world), and the graphics are fanastic.

One very unique thing the game did was use cartoonish animations for cutscenes instead of cinematic movies, and I love it. A lot of games have beautiful cutscenes that make the normal graphics look terrible. In Mirror's Edge, the cutscenes are unique animated story moments and the rest of the game is realistic. Fantastic graphics. The hair of your character's shadow moves as the wind blows through it.

The best part of the game, for me, is that you CAN disarm a cop and use his shotgun to kill three others, but you don't want to. It's hard to explain, because there's an actual button for disarming cops at close range, and the shooting mechanics work well enough. They're also very realistic, in that you can't jump far when you're carrying a two-handed weapon and you can't reload (because you wouldn't have had time to actually grab spare ammo anyway). A cop can kill you in one shot at close range and it takes several to kill one of them. It can get frustrating but the fact that it's realistic makes it work. In reality, you would have no choice but to dodge and use only one magazine before making a break for it.

It costs $20 on Steam and I think it was worth it. Unfortunately, it has a lot of profanity, but you can turn voices off. Check it out sometime.

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