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Colony Strategy

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For New Players in Colony:

Start off the campaign. each level one by one. I know lots of newbs dont do that but trust me it's how most of the experienced players start off. Some of you newbs start off in multiplayer and that doesn't really help you so start off with the campaign. Then do quick match until you can do medium and hard really well. THEN you can start multiplayer.


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start off with an armoury

next build a bank

build a forge/outpost so you can make units in case your enemies make some before you.

after that make a generator if you are with a forge or make a hospital if you have outpost.

then upgrade the bank.

upgrade your genrator/hospital.

then upgrade to tier 3 ur forge/outpost.



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nice explanation of a tutorial for colony strategy


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Strategies in Colony
Watch out for those missiles. Send in 2 or 4 units spread out to block missiles. They have to call in more missiles to hit base.
Cold War
Again with those missiles...but these ones are units. Build Anti-Air Sakatas or Scouts to kill those Black Queens.
Safe Skies
Ah a much more favorable one. Clear all those missiles for your mind. Only one threat though... Hover Tanks,or Sphix. Not much a threat but the next heavy unit. The only way you can beat them are mass Hover Tanks,Sphix,Snipers,or Air Units.
Only Ground Units. Sad for people who like Air Units. Again with those units in SS. Same strategy as SS only without Air Units.
The strategy is simple. Build tons of Saints,and Scouts as much as possible. And also big thanks to dashman123 he showed me to use phantoms for shield for you Air Units.
Low Tech
The strategy is also simple. Just build mass meds,and snipers in this mode.


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I hope these strategies are something you can use,and recommend to others. Thank You!


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nice game


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To people trying to separate themselves from the good players and the best players

This game is all about mindset. There are no hero units. There are no grand clashes between the biggest army. there are no undos.

There are masterminds
There are skirmishes
There are Turn Arounds
There are blunders

You have to keep in mind that this is a two dimensional real time strategy game created as an online game. This is not Star Craft. This is not Chess. This is not Poker. This game does not handle 30+ units. You are responsible for building what is needed when it's needed. You are responsible for telling your units what to do. You must a play the game.

The aesthetics of this game is quite different from other games. This game's beauty is most prominent in the highest levels of game-play. This game is all about action, reaction, counters, prevention, push, pull.

Here is an example


In this match, you see 8 counters over a span of 7 minutes. If played properly, you can see as many as 11 counters over a span of 9 minutes. Ask yourself this. Is seeing a huge explosion typically seen in "unrushed" matches as eye-catching as the contrasting fireworks seen in rushed, active matches? If you don't support rushed matches pros play, you can stop reading right now.

No matter what build and what mode you use, you always have a mindset. This is where being a mastermind plays out. Your typical goal in rushed matches is to choke out your opponent. This is also your opponents goal. This match will play out as you countering each other and when one fails to counter, a pin is set and the match is over. Easier said than done. While playing these matches you keep these points in mind

-Control the middle
By controlling the middle you gain influence. You spend money to gain money, only that this "money" is used for special things. In a way, travel influence(the gain of influence through unit position) is something that pays itself. Influence will be the center point of your defenses and offenses. this is the closest thing you will get to a hero unit. But keep in mind, influence units are not gods. They will not win you the battle alone

-Eliminate the biggest threat first
In rushed games you will be thinking. "OH #$%^ there's a <insert unit name>". The biggest threat will often secure the pin, causing your doom, or cause the death of most of your units. You'll learn that it's impossible to go from the lowest threat to the biggest threat

-Keep pressuring your opponent
As you notice from the video, both players were struggling to keep the fight in their favor. There wasn't a point after the first unit was created where each player had a break. This pressure makes it much more difficult to play. For example at 4:40, i missed the opportunity to pressure Bh using scouts. if i had pressured him better, i would of suppressed his turn around at 5:34.

-Put your units to it's fullest
in the video, units were always moving. There was no point in getting hit by your opponent if you could spare it. If you needed a distraction, you would make one. You would sacrifice a unit for the upcoming of another.

-Observe your opponent
notice at the start of the match, BH was watching what i would build. He did this so he could plan and counter accordingly to my actions. In the beginning, he was probably trying to determine my government so he can adjust his mindset. Though it became difficult to observe me (due to pressure) in the middle of the match, he would update himself using my units.

-Adapt and think ahead
in this match, i did some good and bad things. For example, i lured the spawning of his saint with my pride which supported my forge armory build because i could develop into anti air sakatas (3:05-3:21). However i failed to adapt at 4:20 where i should of spawned far snipers to counter the heavy amount of medics.

-Kill 2 birds with 1 stone
try to create units which serve multiple purposes. This can greatly increase efficiency, ultimately making the game easier for you. For example, my prides served as a missile shield and as a counter to tanks

-Good Formation
In this match, Bh had some good and bad examples of formation. For example, in 1:53, i took advantage of his poor marine formation by spawning a scout to take all the marine fire, than spawning a mod phantom to clear out the marines. For a good example, in 4:45, Bh grouped together his tanks so my prides would divide their fire among the units. This resulted in more pressure on me, and a longer lifespan for the tanks.

to those who actually read the whole thing. Good luck in your future games.



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Thanks for the strats, they helped a lot once I got them down right.


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What are the unit's hotkeys?


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Hello Everyone,

I am ChaoticCorps (aka DarkBiteTheChaotic) and part of the Corps Clan.
I have specialized in the Monarchy Government and I am here today to tell you some of my builds and strategies. I hope I will help out some people, as I see Monarchy as the Variety Government. For Example, with Monarchy I can build an Outpost, a Forge, I can tech up, I can stay in low tech, I can play Earthquake, I can play Dogfight, I can play any sort of game mode or strategy. There are many possibilities for Monarchy, so I'll tell you all everything I know.

Lets start with the units of the Monarchy Government:
(Influence Units)

1. Heals other allied ground units
2. Cannot attack
3. Effective in masses
4. Cannot heal itself
5. Cannot heal air units
6. This is a fragile unit, but extremely helpful.
7. Deployed from Hospital/War Sanctum.
8. Ground Unit
9. Weak against: All Units

1. Good Anti-Air
2. Self-Repairing Technology
3. Attacks both Ground and Air
4. Air Unit
5. Weak Against: Sakata MII, Scouts.
6. Effective against Base, Mod. Sakata, and Black Queens.

1. Ground Unit
2. BEST Anti-Air in the game
3. Extremely Effective Against: Black Queen
4. Effective Against: Scouts, Saints, Phantoms.
5. Weak Against: Romans, Marines, Hover Tanks, Sakata MI, Mod. Sakata.
6. Best Unit in the Game (According to Math)

Spec. Ops. Team:
1. Ground Team
2. Effective Against: All Tier 1 Units
3. Weak Against: All Tier 2 Units
4. 2 Spec. Ops. Teams destroy the Base
5. Extremely good in the early game.

Far Sniper:
1. Ground Unit
2. Super Far Range
3. Cannot Attack Air
4. Sucks
5. Fails
6. Worst unit in the game
7. Dont spend your money on this unit
8. Only Effective in masses of about 10+ and at this point 1 scout will tear them all apart.

Android Pride:
1. Ground Unit
2. Decent
3. Weak Against: Sakata MI, Hover Tank, Chronite Tank, Saint, Phantom, Android Gladiator.
Effective Against: Sphinx, Black Queen, Marines, Romans.
4. Makes a good combination with Meditecs and Sphinxes.

Modified Sakata:
1. Ground Unit
2. Super Fast Movement, Self-Repairing, and Attack Speeds.
3. Probably one of the best units to get.
4. Works good with Romans, Scouts, and Phantoms.
5. Cannot Attack Air.
6. Effective Against: Marines, Romans, SpecOps Teams, Groditz, Snipers, Sphinx.
7. Extremely Weak Against: Hover Tanks, Black Queens.
8. Weak Against: Scouts, Saints, Phantoms, Chronite Tanks.

Modified Phantom
1. Air Unit.
2. Cannot Attack Air.
3. Strong Anti-Ground
4. Effective Against: Tanks, Marines, Romans, Snipers, Android Gladiators, Android Prides.
5. Weak Against: Sphinxes, Sakata MII, Scouts, Black Queens, Saints.

That's the basic overview of the Influence Units.

Lets begin with Builds and Strategy:

2v2 Builds:

Here is an effective build to use if your teammate builds an Outpost:

Tips about this build:
1. If the enemy deploys a Black Queen this is obviously a problem to your Special Ops Teams. Instead of deploying Special Ops Teams ask your teammate to create Scouts and deploy up to 2 Android Prides. When the Black Queen is eliminated deploy your Special Ops Teams.

1. Build Bank
2. Build Armory
3. Deploy Modified Phantom
4. Build Forge
5. Deploy 3 Scouts
6. Deploy 5 Romans
7. Advance Forward and Blockade/Pin the enemy.
8. Build Special Operations Building.
9. Deploy All Spec. Ops. Teams.
10. End the game.

Here is a build to use if your teammate builds a Forge:

Tips about this build:
1. If the enemy builds a Black Queen, deploy as many scouts as you can and Deploy 1 Pride. When the Black Queen is eliminated Deploy all your Special Ops. Teams.

1. Build Bank
2. Build Forge
3. Deploy 5 Scouts
4. Advance Scouts and Blockade/Pin the enemy
5. Build Special Operations Building
6. Deploy All Specs. Ops. Teams

Here is a build to be used in 2v2 and NOT 1v1:

Tips about this build:
1. This build can go horribly wrong depending on what your teammate and your enemy does, becareful when using this build.

1. Build Hospital
2. Deploy 3 Meditecs
3. Advance Meditecs and spread them out across the battlefield
4. Watch the Influence come ROLLING IN BABY!!!
5. If the enemy deploys units advance in the other direction (Retreat but I don't want to use that word ) your Meditecs.
6. Upgrade Hospital into War Sanctum.
7. Deploy 2-3 Saints.
8. Pwn the enemy.
9. If the enemy deploys Sakata MII Ask teammate to deploy ground units.
10. Deploy Sphinx.
11. End Game.

Hopefully I have helped all the Monarchy Players out there, because I have become very good with these builds. Thank you for reading my guide, and GET READY TO PWN THOSE ENEMIES

ChaoticCorps aka DarkBiteTheChaotic

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