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[ans] When will my beta code arrive?

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Posted Jan 9, '11 at 5:36pm



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How long does it take to send a code to people? I send my email to armor games beta they never send me the code why?


Posted Jan 9, '11 at 5:52pm



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What? Code?
You have to remember that you might not get a reply immediately or ever in some cases. It is a busy business and they can't reply thousands of emails every day.

Also, if this is about the beta code, which should not belong here, which you should know by now, then you might not have been randomly picked to receive the beta code. It seems to be only a selected amount of people who get it, or that you might have sent it the wrong time, and thus did not get it for the last beta. Then you will most likely get it when the next beta is nearing in, as described in the beta threads.