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This is a guide on Exit Path that can help you become better and become a master at it. I will include uniplayer tips, how to get all the caution signs, how to reduce lag, multipalyer tips, achieving grandmaster rank the quickest, how to double jump, the levels that require the double jump, optional levels for the double jump and levels that don't need the double jump.

Uniplayer tips:
Do you want to know how some people finish the uniplayer so quickly?
Well most people are really good at it and conserve there flow. You can do that by just letting the flow get over the line and just tapping it. Also they utilize the double jump that's in the game.

Some people though have found a glitch in the game. It's fairly easy to do. All you do is right before you die or if an axe is about to hit you, you can press the 'pause' button and it will just pause your player in that spot and you won't die. It will increase your uniplayer time a lot.
Here's a video that shows you on how to do it:
Pause glitch.

You can also see the person that's ranked number one on the leaderboards. He didn't use the 'pause glitch'.
All he did was use the flow wisely and the double jump at certain places that need it.
Here's the video:
Uniplayer GhostOfZero
I recommend anyone that wants to get a faster time on the uniplayer to watch all these videos that are posted and also read all the tips.

Caution signs:
On uniplayer you need to gather all the caution signs and perform certain things that will get you all the flairs.
On the start screen there is a button that says 'flairs' and it will tell you how to earn them. You just read them and then go on uniplayer and perform what it tells you.

For the caution signs though. That's a task you will need to use your eyes for on uniplayer mode.
You can always watch this video for some help:
Caution Sign Locations

Reducing lag:
All you need to do is on uniplayer or multiplayer press the quality button and it should bring the lag down a lot, also you can reduce it even more by turning JavaScript off.
Here's a program that will clean out your computer and make it run faster:
By doing these things you will have basically have no lag on Exit Path and it will improve your run times.

Multiplayer tips:
On multiplayer in each level you just tap the flow. Don't use it all or you'll be going slower. I find that just tapping shift and flowing at the right times you will skip some parts of the levels and it'll make your times much faster. I will include more things about multiplayer below.
(watch the videos that are being posted.)

There is a way where you can practice certain levels. On a laptop or desktop just disconnect yourself from the internet and then it'll say that you are disconnected from the game and the people in the level would be frozen on your screen and you'll be able to move and practice the level. On my laptop I just close the screen for about 30 seconds then open it back up and I'm disconnected. On a desktop though I think you'll just have to disconnect one of the cords or bring up internet access and just disconnect yourself.

Also using shift is better then using the space bar. The reasons for this is I notice when you try to double jump shift is more responsive then the space bar. And seeing that I'm on a laptop and when I play my hands are too close together I like using shift instead of space. Just try it out. Most of the people that I've played, I have mentioned this to them and they say shift is more responsive then space.

Achieving Grandmaster rank the quickest:
Are you stuck at a certain rank on multiplayer?
All you have to do is just give other people 'kudos' and they will most likely give you some back. It helps to be nice to some people and help them understand the levels.

The kudos make you level up quickly and are very useful to gain more exp.
Also using the double jump to finish quicker, practicing levels and winning a lot will increase it even more.

Double jump:
There are two ways of performing the double jump. One is with flow and one is without flow.

All you do is have flow press it, jump against the wall then press up a couple times then you should be over the wall.

The other double jump doesn't require the use of flow. You can just run against a block press up then you should be in standing position then you press up again.

(watch the videos to actually see it.)

The levels you can do a double jump on and will make your time faster:

Marathon(on the first jump-pad you just hold up and right then when you can't see your person you just press up a lot while holding the right arrow)

Slip and slide(next to the last axe in the first part and the big wall on the second part. All you do is press flow and double jump over the wall)

Maze(beginning of level take bottom path. Run straight barely touch the block press up you should be in standing position in the air and jump again.)
Lunge(hold flow to the first wall jump against the wall and press up twice)

Secret Staircase(on the last jumper on the treadmill just flow onto it and hold up and right you should be in running man position. When you are at the peak of the jump press up twice and you should get over that huge wall)

Tubes(on the block you run against it jump then jump again in mid-air and you should be over the wall)

Jumper(first part of the level. don't take the bottom path. Just run against that block in the beginning and press up you should be in standing position and jump again to get over.)

Cubicles(jump onto the bounce pad(gather your flow for this)then hold up and right you should just nick the ledge of the first wall and press flow then double jump in mid-air to get over about 2 or 3 cubicles then repeat. If you do it right you should finish this level in 6 seconds)

Crossroads(first one is double jump then jump back and go over the map and flow over. Second one is run jump on top platform flow against the wall and double jump over.)

Front door(difficult to do. All you need to do is gather up some flow. Save it then hold flow against the block and double jump over everything)

Over and under(very easy to do. All you do is gather some flow. Jump on the bounce pad with flow hold right and up then when you hit the wall press up a couple times and you should be over it.)

Lunge(also very easy to do. All you do is save gather up flow hold down shift jump against the wall then press up a few times and you should be over)

If you would like to see what I'm talking about you can watch the videos made by these two people:
Multiplayer NonTroppO
Multiplayer serville64
If you want to be really good at Exit Path and win a lot. I recommend that you see the videos made by those two masters.

Optional levels for double jump:

Cubey(you don't have to do it. But it saves about half a second. All you need to do is once you're on the plat form flow then double jump against the wall before the step then jump to the right.)

Death Wall(flow into the tunnel after the second axe then use the bounce pad while still having flow then you should be in running man position while in the air then you jump and basically skip all the bounce pads.)

Funk(on the first part of the level once you hit the bounce pad hold right and up then you should be in running man position then you can double jump in the air and go farther.)

Zipper(if you miss flowing all over the blocks you will hit one then you can double jump off the ledge.)

Unfriendly teleporters(you can double jump but in my experience with the double jump and just flow sliding they're the same time. But the double jump looks cooler to do.)

By optional I mean it could improve your time by a little but not that much, it's just another way of doing the level.

Levels that don't require the double jump:
Fuzz balls

I would like to give credit on the videos to GhostOfZero, NonTroppO and serville64.

That's all I have for you guys. Hope that helps anyone that wants to become a master at Exit Path.


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This is an epic guide. Thanks very much..!


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Thanks for the guide its really helpful with those multiplayer levels, like my most hated one, Marathon. Lol, how much time did you spent maaking this?


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I made a tiny mistake. The CCleaner I put into the list is the one for purchase. Here is the free download for CCleaner.

how much time did you spent maaking this?

It took me a half hour to think of everything and jot it down into notepad. Then it only took about five minutes to correct all the mistakes and re-position some things.

I'm glad that it's helping people.

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Is there a free download of CCleaner for Macs GhostofMatrix?

By the way, thanks for making the guide. This was very helpful. I wouldn't have improved a lot on Exit Path if it weren't for this.


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Sorry about that. I messed up the above post. If a Moderator could delete that post above it would be greatly appreciated.

Let me fix it.

It's not exactly CCleaner. I don't have a Mac. But I did search the web and read some great reviews on these three:
All three of those are really great if you want to speed up your Mac.

I hope that helps you.


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Very insightful, and intuitive. Thank you for this!


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I found this guide really helpful. Even though I've already completed the game before hand


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umm... how about this? playing in a huge screen reduces lag and it's more beautiful. the only change is that you need to type your AG username and password every time.


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playing in a huge screen reduces lag and it's more beautiful.

It doesn't reduce lag for me, it makes me lag more and more and I agree it is more beautiful. Maybe it will reduce lag if I stop get lazy and download the CCleaner.