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When is the invitation coming?

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Posted Jan 13, '11 at 6:18pm



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I already got 2 messsages of new updates saying that the people who signed up since blah blah blah will receive a beta invitation, but I didn't received it ! When is it coming?


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 7:13pm



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If you signed up before the 12th of January and you received the newsletters but not the invite code, then you should probably message Cormyn what happened. He should be able to give you one


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 10:17pm



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Man this seems to happen a lot... I think cormyn must be going crazey with this type of thing. I thought they fixed it all.

But if you signed up on the 12th of january then you should get it soon
I remember signing you the first chance they gave us and I amlost missed it cuz of my day was just going bad and stuff was falling apart (literly) and then I went on AG an the forum was filled with comments about pressing the F2 ( I think) but andi was confused but then I figerd it out and I was almost too late for sign up!!!! Then after I signed up I could not get why people where already in beta! I was so worried it did not work and I could not sign up again! (You can :-) ) and I asked over and over and then some one (frank I think) told me that there was closed beta that only selected poeple got in to it and open beta, I signed up for open and I would get and email some time. So now all is well. Lol XD


Posted Jan 13, '11 at 11:46pm



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We fixed it. The problem is that this user has a Yahoo Email account, and Yahoo is notorious for putting our messages in users' spam folders.