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The border?

Posted May 8, '08 at 9:59am



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I am of the opinion that if you're doing such a bad job of running your own country that people are willing to leave it by the thousands, then you no longer get to be a country.

Mexico would make a great 51st state and the quality of life for ALL of Mexico would be greatly improved in the long run.

And the new southern land border would be much smaller.


Posted May 8, '08 at 10:10am



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Now that's a suggestion I haven't heard before...interesting though.

What's the history of Mexico, how does it relate to the US? I wonder how such a move would go down on the world stage :P

...Bender would probably not have his HECHO EN MEXICO brand on the inside of his chestplate!


Posted May 8, '08 at 11:17am



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Mexico has several issues from poverty to drug-related crime. Given that Mexico is also has a rising labour market, I could imagine that some of these problems may start to die down over the next few years. I also don't think we can take Mexico, I don't think it works that way .


Posted May 8, '08 at 7:06pm



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Yes I also agree with mr3


Posted May 8, '08 at 7:26pm



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Before we do anything I believe should close up that border so more don't come in


Posted May 8, '08 at 8:46pm



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Several points to respond to, I hope I don't get too long-winded...

First, I support immigration. All of the immigration I know are intelligent and hard-working, and have made America a better place. It's ILLEGAL immigration that I oppose.

English is not the national language. In fact, it isn't even the official language of any states AFAIK. Having forms in Spanish and other languages is just practical. Besides, we Americans should work to learn other languages; there are too many benefits to do otherwise.

Economically, the cheap labor is quite helpful. People complain about immigrants taking jobs, but seriously, the jobs they take are working the fields and landscaping. These are not prime jobs. They aren't the jobs you get to support a family. They are way below the poverty line. If they were taking all the manager roles and you couldn't get promoted, I could see your point, but realistically, Americans lose jobs because they are lazy or uneducated, not because of immigration.

Labor-wise, there would probably be quite a crash in the market if all the illegal immigrants suddenly disappeared. They do help the economy more than hurt it. It is true that they don't pay income tax (which is illegal for their employers too but nobody seems to want to go after them), but they also use far fewer public services. Many of them don't have cars so they don't use the roads. They don't call the cops when a crime occurs because they are afraid of getting deported. They stay home when they get injured instead of going to the hospital. From a humanitarian standpoint, we are killing off the illegals through our policies. They keep coming because it's better than what's at home.

A fence won't keep them out. They'll hide in trucks, scale the fence, take boats through the ocean, or bribe officials to get in. The fence is just a waste of money.

From a security standpoint, illegals do tend to commit more crime than the average American, but that has more to do with them being poor than being immigrants. IIRC, they cause less crime than other people in their income bracket. I can see how this could be an issue for terrorism, but that threat is greatly exaggerated.

In short, I can't say I blame the illegals. America is a great country after all, and sure beats the country they live in now. I still think they should have to wait like everyone else, and current illegals should probably have to pay a fine or be deported to become legal, but I don't see why we don't streamline the process and welcome more immigrants to america.


Posted May 8, '08 at 10:39pm



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the way to stop illegal immigrants from illegally crossing the border is to make immigration laws easier so more immigrants are persuaded to legally opposed to illegally emigrate

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