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100 merits!

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Posted May 2, '08 at 10:03pm



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Holy crap. Nice job.


Posted May 2, '08 at 11:01pm



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Very good job man, that's amazing your next goal to get ranked #1.

Yeah it would seem cool, but I would hate all that spam and even if I try I would never pass XCoheedX. Trust me he's just to far away from me.

Your new goal should be 1000 but youl probably quit way before that lol.

Haha, I think no one will ever reach that. If it took me about 100 days to get 100 merits, then it'll take 1000 days to get 1000 merits, and that's over three years! I have no idea when I'm going to leave this site, but I can bet I most likely won't be here in three years, haha.

Awesome dude, but I'll be next! Haha, one day I will catch up. Some how, some way.....Haha

Yeah you are going to me the next one, and that day would be really cool! Also, maybe one day in the very distant future you'll catch up, but for now, you can't help but me behind me, haha.

Posted May 2, '08 at 11:13pm



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Howd o you get merits


Posted May 2, '08 at 11:15pm



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dude congatz on the 100 merits bet you cant make 200


Posted May 3, '08 at 4:11am



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Congrats Nick I am just trying to get 50.