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I've decided its about time to make a poetry thread for my works. Its better than having to go scrambling through the various threads I've posted in in the past. I'll start off with what I think are some of my better works.


It wears me down
I feel sick
constantly worrying
will they get me?

Its eating away
at my soul
could i admit
I did it?

The pain is too much
I scream out
"I did it! It was me"
was that a good idea?

River of Blood

a river of blood, blackest of nights
the war of all wars, the worst of the fights
so many lie dead along the bare banks
surrounded by nothing but carcass of tanks

My lord! My God! how could you let this be!
Leave this ghastly site for me to see!
How could you take all I know from me!
Why must so many die, taken and no longer free!

From a distance there's cheering from the enemy front
they raise up there flag; they've won in there hunt
But still I sit in my comrades' ruins, no sign of light,
Just a river of blood, darkest of nights.

Roadkill (I admit this one is a bit gruesome).

my stomach twists, nauseated
this horrid thing before me
laying there, unmoving, mangled

what creature this thing is, unknown
red is strewn all about the place
a wretched smell emits from it.

I turn away, can't take anymore
this horrid scene burned into my head
a most disgusting thing, I puke.

psychic war

Calling forth the silver waves of light
bringing them in,
blasting them out a thousand times stronger
the psychic wars have begun

constant pain driving through
the soldiers' heads
and all of them are living
yet at the same time dying
their minds pushed to the max

no one's left with stable minds
from this war worse than all
insanity from the pain
affecting more and more
till there's no one left

The war is over now
no sane men left
except a lucky few
the world is now a mess
from the psychic war

and some haikus...

Deep in the realm of
sleep, visions project themselves
sweet dreams of times past

gaze ahead in time
opportunity abounds
the future looks bright

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(clap clap clap) very good. i found the last stanza in psyic war to be choppy and hard to read. i liked em though.

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Whoa! This stuff is quite good. I really like Psychic Wars(my first line! )

But the rest are very good too! All this is great. Post more?

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I shall eventually once I make more. Most of this comes from first line poetry and 50 theme challenge. I should start more...

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I finally have a new poem to post. This was made originally for the 10-day(ish) poetry contest.

Path to Heaven, Path to Hell

Oh, I've reached this place again
so many times before I've been
can this continue? Is it time?

I've taken that way oh so often
its seemed right, its always been
choosing that should again be fine

Yet the other way, it seems so clean
could it be better than what i've seen?
Is it better to walk that line?

Now I've no more time to spend
will sin stay strong? Or will it end?
be tamed by hurt, or make my life mine

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Yeah, I laughed at that.


And, yeah, I really liked that poem, kind of fulfilling.
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And now, a poem that I did not write for a contest. A first!

Across the way the is an isle
covered in bamboo trees
that sits upon the Blevin lake
beaconing to the curious.

The trees, it seems, make a forest
the land darkened beneath them
It's easy to get lost in them
the maze of bamboo trees.

I reach the muddy water's edge
surrounded by fallen limbs
I gaze out and see how trapped
I am, on my island home.

Those bamboo trees stow my life
behind their hollow trunks
no one knows that I am here,
hidden from the world

Upon the Blevin lake there sits an
island of bamboo
consuming all that lives upon it
and storing them away.

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More old poems from the first line poetry thread.

The extermination
This lake once had fish aplenty
swimming about as they wished
but then came the humans

The humans fished without abandon
taking every fish they could
and then came the city

The city was built against the lake
waste pilled up by the pound
and the fish died off

So now this lake sits empty
devoid of any life at all
and so it shall stay

The mute man
I can never say a word
my lips forever sealed
never able to express
my inner feelings

how I long for someone
to hear what I've to say
to converse with me
all of the days

but alas, this cannot be
for I can never say a word
my lips are sealed
I am forever mute

A view from heaven
As I look down on the world
I see all it has to offer
the mountains, the seas
and the great plains

But then I look where I am
a place with streets made of gold
and I think to myself
Why go down there?

Now you're gone
The trees sway
in the cool breeze
that once, I had enjoyed,
but its not the same
now that your gone

It used to be that
everywhere I turned,
you were there guide me
but now that your gone,
things are not the same.

Your presence can still be felt
all throughout my life
and every time I go somewhere
I feel you are there
with me

But now you are gone
and it still feels you are here
but you are not
and things will never be the same
without you here.

The Term Paper Blues
Bring me some more coffee
this night must go on
without any sleeping
this paper must be done

My deadline's tomorrow
My paper half finished
will I complete it
or fail completely

It's morning now
My paper's not finished
what shall I do?

more to come later!

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Oh crap... its 6 am and this has happened to me!!! haha. anywaysm great job but the second stanza to the term paper blues just seems.... off?

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[quotethe second stanza to the term paper blues just seems.... off?[/quote]

Really? I feel that I got the third stanza off to be honest. It wasn't my best poem ever, I admit.

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My attempt at a poem en espanol.


Medionoche, esta oscuro
no veo nunca alrededor
repentinamente, un sonido
viene de detras los arboles

Yo corro rapidamente
entro mi casa y sujeto el bloqueo
seguro, para ahora, en mi casa
bastante entusiasmo, yo domio.

What do you think. It's not my greatest, but its really my first in Spanish.

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A new poem.

the white light blinds me
as I walk outside
A sudden blast; darkness
tries to run and hide

But should I retreat
with the blackness;
My comfort zone, full of
hate and unhappiness?

Or shall I go forth
into the white light
cleansing me fully;
forgiven, my vice.

So what will it be?
Old and the same,
or forgiven and free?
a never-ending game.

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Here is waluigi's spanish poem for those who don't speak Spanish:
Medionoche, this dark
I never see around
Suddenly, a sound
comes from behind the trees

I run faster
subject entered my house and lock
safe, for now, at my house
enough excitement, I dominated.

I have trouble under standing some of your poems, but I like your work.

I used Google Translate to translate this. (although I can speak a good bit of spanish)

Also, some of the Medionoche poem doesn't make sense to me. Is "Medionoche" supposed to translate?

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Cool very good

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medionoche should have translated to midnight. I just figured out it should have been medianoche. And thank you for the complement to both of you.
I should start making poetry again soon, but I'm obsessed with the NCAA tournament at this point. Maybe it will happen one day when the tournament takes a break.

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I need to edit the spanish poem.


Medianoche, esta oscuro
no veo nunca alrededor
repentinamente, un sonido
viene de detras los arboles

Yo corro rapidamente
entro mi casa y sujeto el bloqueo
seguro, para ahora, en mi casa
bastante entusiasmo, yo dormio.

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