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Popular Games List

Posted Mar 5, '11 at 4:59pm



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A list with the most popular games from greatest to least. If you can't do that, I could make it.


Posted Mar 7, '11 at 5:01pm



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I think you are talking about something like this if I am not wrong.

There is not a specific button on the site for that page but there is a list in the right side of the page that shows the most popular games of the site.


Posted Mar 7, '11 at 5:07pm



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I think he means by the most popular games on the site going in order from greatest to least. Like the most played/highest rated games on this site are in the top then it gradually goes down to the least played/least popular game.

It's a good idea & I don't think it's been mentioned before.

You should make a thread on Get Satisfaction about it so that the Administrator/Web Developers see it quicker.
Some don't come around the AG Forums much and on Get Satisfaction it's guaranteed that one of them will answer you about it or take this idea into consideration.

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