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Replaying :the game: walkthrough on Unlockables.

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Replaying the game is a fun flash game located in the Misc. section of the games on this website.

Unlockable Guide:

The End: Beat the game.

A little Birdie told me: Click the appreciation link to twitter.

Bloodbath: Kill 150 of the characters in the games pre-loader.

There is no replay: After finishing the Atheism level click the replay option.

Piece of Cake: On the Epicroll cutscene in the Ultimate Showdown scene click the pink haired girl in the chef hat (She's difficult to spot)

Where the hell is Mona?: On the art level find the real Mona Lisa sketch, it's on the 3rd row column 8.

Unlock-ness Monster: Unlock all of the above.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy playing Replaying :the game:!


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Danke schön.


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Thank you.


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Replaying the game is a fun flash game

Only if you are,like,24 years old and really immature.No offence.
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