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Posted Mar 21, '11 at 1:05pm



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Hey guys, quick note: these are GREAT ideas, keep them coming. I'm grabbing quotes out of message bits as I go here, so in no particular order, here are some responses:

If clans are going to be a feature of AG3 then please let them be optional.

Absolutely, you can choose not to be in any groups of any kind if that's your desire. We'll probably also give you a privacy setting to ignore any group invitations that you get sent.

Maybe also there could be a thing like a clan page. Maybe in this "clan wall"

Yes, that's the idea, we'd have a url like "" or something...

Clan Request? This is like in facebook when you send a friend request. The request is instantly sent to the Leader or co-leader's home page and can either be accepted or ignored.

Yes, exactly. I suppose we could make groups of various invitation levels, like:
- totally open, anyone can join as they want
- request to join, anyone can send a message to the group asking to join
- invite only, general users cannot request to join, only the leaders of the group can issue invitations to join

When you create you clan though you will have a bow of who get what power. So you could scroll down to members and check off comments. Scroll to co-leader and check off boot member, boost members ect. This allows full customizing for your clans ranks

Yeah, I picture something similar to the AG3 privacy settings, where you have a rank, and a list of checkboxes for what that rank is allowed to do.

I'm thinking of a way how leaders of different factions can manually challenge each other to a gaming tournament.

I like the tournament idea, but there are limitations to what we can build into the site from a programming standpoint. Some of that stuff might require users to use a third-party tournament organizer or something to get started.

You simply have to invite another clan to a contest, select a game to play, and the winning clan gets the announcement posted on their page! In between that, however, is the technical part. It's the function where the AGi recognizes the scores the members gained and then decides which clan wins from there. Every game is different, of course, so the conditions for winning have to be different.

In the future, perhaps. I think the devs here will like the idea. The only problem would be a way to filter users who could potentially be in both groups (unless the two groups were invite only or something)... or have a way to show users who were in both groups, or just disqualify the user's scores when tabulating everything...

giving the members the option to "report unfair kick", bringing up a textbox of some sort and filling the box with reasons why they think they were unfairly removed.

Nah, if you get kicked, you get kicked. If you want to appeal, you can request to join again, etc. We'd probably have to set up a 'block' function so users can be blocked from joining a group after getting kicked.

"ban" a member from a clan for a certain amount of time without actually kicking him.

Can't see a real practical use for this. I could see having a "banned user" rank, who doesn't get to do anything like post group status messages or something, and the leader can just reassign the user to that rank or something.

and the guild members could submit their art.(As long as it is clean) A flash gaming guild could host different flash gaming online tournaments for the best players,

No, the purpose of the groups will be more about common interests and games, but won't be able to post artwork, etc.. We're planning a "showcase" area of the site for people that want feedback on their art/game ideas, etc.

There should be clan armor points (CAP) or clan points (CP) or a point system for the clans.

I doubt we'll do this. We'll probably just come up with a way to cumulatively sum up the scores of the individual players to give the group/clan a rank.

I think there should be also art contests for clans to win.

Again, I think this is where third-party software would probably be required, because there's no real judging authority like we could build into the site/agi for competing on a particular game.


Posted Mar 21, '11 at 3:12pm



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Again, I think this is where third-party software would probably be required, because there's no real judging authority like we could build into the site/agi for competing on a particular game.

I know, but it could be like the merits. Mods/admin would give away winning clans a "clan merit" or something.


Posted Mar 22, '11 at 5:06am



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I think it is a great idea. I would be in Nerd/Gamer Clan, awesome.


Posted Mar 25, '11 at 8:45am



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Yes, a great thing indeed, but it has downfalls too. One thing is, we may need more Moderators due to the possibility that a group/s of abusive users may band together and stir up trouble here...


Posted Mar 28, '11 at 10:57pm



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I would want to make a super mario clan and our usernames be Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and others. That clan could even include bad guys like bowser, goomba, and others. The head would be Mario, and the co-head would be Peach. Then It would go down the ladder.


Posted Mar 31, '11 at 4:15am



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I love the idea, but will aromor games take this into a suggestion?


Posted Mar 31, '11 at 5:48am



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awesome idea i hope it works out


Posted Apr 1, '11 at 7:52pm



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Also, I would want to make the lowest person, which would be probably Toad.


Posted Apr 2, '11 at 2:41am



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clans also can be ranked by their wins in clan competitions


Posted Apr 2, '11 at 8:51am



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AngelRaziel96 said:So I know that this may be over used but maybe we could have a clan system in the AGv3 system?

This is just another one of many reasons that I can't wait for AG3!

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