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A lot of people have been asking me when the new edition of the 'CRBWC' would finally start (and I'm sorry it took me so long...), but I wanted to make the second edition even better and more fun than the first one!
(In case you wonder what the first one looked like: this is the 'CRBWC 2010'.)

After hours of fun (and stress!) in figuring out the new CRBWC schematics, the gathering of info on the participating bands and fabricating the additional pictures to it all, I'm proud of the final outcome and so, without further delay, let's kick off the 2011 edition of the

Now, some changes have been made to the second edition of this competition, so reading the rules and guidelines is something everyone needs to do, even the voters from last year's edition are advised to...

The format of this World Cup for Classical Rock Bands is based upon the organisation schematics of the Soccer World Cup. It has the same rules as the Soccer World Cup in terms of competitors proceeding through it, but it will follow a few rules of its own too.
Below is a short guide to elaborate the >binding rules< for this competition:

-The 'CRBWC' consist of a total of 24 rounds being presented one at a time.
-Each round will be open for voting for a maximum of 2 weeks or untill a band reaches the points limit.

-Each user of ArmorGames who wants to give a vote has the possibility to vote only once per round.
-All votes given by users are obligated to consist of an elaborated reasoning as to 'why' you choose these two bands. Votes lacking a proper elaborated reasoning, for example: "I like them" or "They rule", will not be counted. Elaborate on why you like them and talk about them, that's the main goal of this competition!
-Different to last year's edition, this time each vote in the group stage of this competition will consist of naming a "First choice" with with a value of 3 points and a "Second choice" with a value of 1 point.
-You only get to vote for two bands in a group. NO double voting for a single band and/or NO voting for more than two bands per group. No exceptions will be made in this matter.
-If two bands reach the limit of 30 points at the same time, the band with the most "First choices" will be declared as the winner of that round.
-The rule explained above, also applies if two bands reach a similar point count for second place at the same time in the 'Group Stage'.
-If, for any reason, two bands reach the limit of 30 points simultaniously and both have an equal amount of first and second choices, the band getting it's 'winning vote' first will be declared the winner.
-Further rounds after the group stage will have a 1 point count for each vote given and an according 10 points limit. Rules for declaring a winner will be applied according to the group stage rules.
-No discussions about the ruling on the outcome of a round are allowed.

-This stage will behold 8 different groups (A to H) consisting of 7 Classical Rock Bands to choose from.
-After closure, both the 'group winner' and the 'runner up' band will proceed to the knockout stage.
-All other remaining bands are eliminated from the competition.

-After completing the Group stage, the 'group winner' of the first group will be up against the 'runner up' of the second group. The 'group winner' of the second group will be up against the 'runner up' of the first group. This schedule will be followed for the rest of the groups, to clarify:
#1 Group A vs. #2 Group B (Winning band is called 'Winner I'
#1 Group B vs. #2 Group A (Winning band is called 'Winner II'
#1 Group C vs. #2 Group D (Winning band is called 'Winner III'
#1 Group D vs. #2 Group C (Winning band is called 'Winner IV'
#1 Group E vs. #2 Group F (Winning band is called 'Winner V'
#1 Group F vs. #2 Group E (Winning band is called 'Winner VI'
#1 Group G vs. #2 Group H (Winning band is called 'Winner VII'
#1 Group H vs. #2 Group G (Winning band is called 'Winner VIII'

-The next stage, the 1/4 finals, will be held in this order:
# Winner I vs. Winner V
# Winner II vs. Winner VI
# Winner III vs. Winner VII
# Winner IV vs. Winner VIII

-The semi finals will be held in the order of:
# Winner I/V vs. Winner II/VI
# Winner III/VII vs. Winner IV/VIII

-A number three and four is decided in a match between both 'losing' bands from the semi finals.
-Ranking of third and fourth place in this Final is decided upon the band that reaches the 10 points limit first.

-The Final match is held between both winning bands from the semi finals.
-When one of the bands in the Final reaches the limit of 10 points first, that band is declared the winner of the competition and is crowned The 'CRBWC' Champion 2011.
-The remaining band is ranked #2 in this competition.

-There will be NO playoffs held in this competition.
-You don't get to complain when 'your band' is eliminated from the competition. "Take the pain..."
-Swearing and obscene language is not tolerated. Always respect the opinion(s) of the other users participating in this thread, even if you disagree with their reasoning.
-If any situation should occur that is not explained and/or guided by the thread's rules, the 'Armor Games Community Forum Rules and Regulations' and the 'Popular Media Rules ("Read these rules or else...&quot' apply and are to be followed for this 'Classic Rock Bands World Cup'. They will be referred to when needed.
You can find them here:
Armor Games Community Forum Rules and Regulations
Popular Media Rules ("Read these rules, or else...&quot

Since this year's 'CRBWC' competition has a little more stuff to work with, I will start off as the sole Moderator for it, but there might be other moderators assigned over time if/when I see fit. Don't ask me for an assignment, since I will only assign people I know to have the same devotion to this competition and they will be revealed when the time comes, ok?

And last, but certainly not least... take heed:
So, whenever an AG administrator or moderator visits this thread and decides to alter/delete a user's post or take action on an item or discussion, listen and obide to them as you would throughout the rest of the ArmorGames website.

I hope the AG users will like and participate in this 'Classic Rock Bands World Cup'!
So my main advice to all participants is to simply... ENJOY!!!

Now... enough with the talk... shove everything aside and...

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...what if I were to put them up against:

they blow them all out of the water (no pun intended)... If you want any challenge at all to their status for me, you'd have to go into the blues realms... i.e. where classic rock came from.
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Wow I've been gone for awhile. I missed a lot of great rounds...

For this round though, I choose Pink Floyd, easily.

I like the darker rock, so Floyd gets my vote.

Floyd has deeper lyrics and more rythmic guitar riffs. KISS may have better drumming but that's about it. For a lack of better words, I'll steal what ilberic said

they blow them all out of the water (no pun intended)

Pink Floyd is definitely the superior band.
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I cast my vote for Pink Floyd...if I could only get the hole in this ballot to punch all the way through.

Anyways, Pink Floyd is far more creative than KISS in their musical style. Every song has a different sound and very interesting (for instance, I love the lyrics in "time&quot. Meanwhile, several KISS songs sound fairly similar, and though they have incredible shows, Pink Floyd tops them. Also, Pink Floyd's albums are amazing. What they did with "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall"...simply incredible.

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It's been a while since the last time I was here, nice to see the fire is still burning...Anyways for me its Kiss. Pink Floyd are a good band don't get me wrong, their style is hard to match and keep up with but personally I didn't quite agree with their choice of lyrics, bit too controversial for me and/or unnecessary to voice themselves using a song.

Kiss is great band, their music is great, very memorable and also can't deny their awesome make-up they had.


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Interesting. Well KISS are very much an all on stage group with an amazing performance. Pink Floyd play their music on stage. Because KISS put so much into their stage act, they lose the opportunity to experiment with a studio creation. Whether they used that option much or not I do not know but they still gave themselves the option. People would not be happy with a studio creation because they want to see them live. With KISS it is not just the music. Pink floyd do get a change to use their creativity skills in the stdio because there would be less of a demand on stage for them. This means that they can have more advanced parts to their songs. But KISS put the whole experience of live music onto a different level. They created something in history in a way. However, pink floyd have a better tonal control in their music and a better ''octave sense'' in my opinion. They do imply a lot of instruments in their music and they could variate them more but they do play in different octaves creating a higher quality sound. This is however, not replicated in all of their songs. Pink floyd are more creative in tier songs. If i was to just listen to either of their pieces it would go to pink floyd. But because KISS are a stage group mainly and have such great performance on stage,

I cast my vote to KISS

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Allrightythen! Keeping a low profile for some time on the CRBWC does have it's benefits I guess, because now I can add a lot of votes all at once! YAY! =)

@ nichodemus : Glad to see you were finally able to make your mind up! And thanx for the vote!

their disco rock just won't ever break down The Wall^^

@ HahiHa : Well... have you ever attended a KISS concert? Because they have a wall of their own... a wall of sound! And it's prrreeeettty loud I tell ya! Very easy to break down the PF wall! And the PF wall actually gets broken down during a concert for a fact...
Check out this photograph below...

i still think that the guitar skills of david gilmor surpass even that.

@ delossantosj : I have to (reluctantly) agree on that one delos... if we're comparing guitar work on both guitarists, Gilmour definitely wins that battle!

you'd have to go into the blues realms... i.e. where classic rock came from.

@ ilberic : I don't think a lot of people have explored the realms of rock and it's origin that much... those that vote here probably all have, but the in-and-out voters probably won't know about that indepth infomation about the genre I'm afraid... =/

Wow I've been gone for awhile. I missed a lot of great rounds...

@ FALLEN950 : All the more reason for you to check in on a regular basis man! Keep checking in and stating those votes! The regulars are the ones keeping this competition afloat, so...

Anyways, Pink Floyd is far more creative than KISS in their musical style.

@ waluigi : I see your point, but to counter that... KISS has a different style in Rock music, so comparing them in terms of creativity would be hard I guess... funny thing is that I guess someone is trying to make something clear to me, as I'm currently hearing "Another Brick In The Wall" on the radio! LOL Mysterious ways... =P

It's been a while since the last time I was here, nice to see the fire is still burning

@ numino : Oh yes it is and it will never fade or be put out! But it needs regular voters to keep it burning, so do keep checking in! Ok?

But because KISS are a stage group mainly and have such great performance on stage,

@ nebmas : To counter your elaborated statement... Pink Floyd is actually a huge stage band too you know! Just have a look at the concert stage photo from "The Wall" below and you'll see they too have a big show, granted it's pretty different from KISS' show, but it's just as big!

So, another score roundup now shows a lead for Pink Floyd! It's a small lead of only 2 points, but hey... it's a lead nontheless! Score shows :

K.O. round # F :

6 - Pink Floyd
4 - KISS


That concludes this roundup of votes, but there's still no discision who's to win this battle! With only 10 votes in (even my -rare- vote is included), it's pretty thin for the battle... I really hope some more people check in and lift the battle a little higher!

So, pack up all the information about both bands and state that vote people! VOTE!!!
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Hmmm... MrDayCee, u ask for a long comment, i give you

So, i like both of these bands. My fav KISS song is Rock and roll all nite. My favorite Pink Floyd song... hmmm, i like Hey You and Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 1. I cast my vote for *PINK FLOYD!!* I like their style and how its not heavy metal, sort of ballad type.

Also, if this is STILL thin reasoning, i suck at this XD

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I would have to go with KISS on this one. Whenever I hear Pink Floyd on the radio I don't get as into the music as I do with KISS. KISS just seems to give you more of that pumped up feeling. I like both but KISS is better to me. Plus Pink Floyd has really weird album covers.

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Pink Floyd. They have so many songs and they all have great lyrics with psychedelic guitar. The bass is good too. Money for example? My vote.

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Pink Floyd has got better instrumentals than KISS I've always thought, plus better lyrics to match. Plus Pink Floyd has a far more varied sound than KISS, but it still sounds good.

And the fact that I'm wearing a Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt isn't affecting my choice at all.

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Oh I didn't realize that pink floyd was such a big stage group as well. My knowledge was impaired then. Well my vote still stays the same. But if you need more elaboration now that you have just proved me wrong in a way, would you like me to elaborate more (my vote still stays the same).

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Well... have you ever attended a KISS concert? Because they have a wall of their own... a wall of sound! And it's prrreeeettty loud I tell ya! Very easy to break down the PF wall! And the PF wall actually gets broken down during a concert for a fact...

So you have been to a KISS concert? This loudspeaker 'deployment' looks 'wow' indeed. And sure, I know the PF wall gets broken down, I just failed at making a witty gag^^
I won't change my vote though, I weight the music more than the stage set-up and in this aspect, PF are just so much more unique than KISS. And I can't use any live experience to judge them on this
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Its not hard to see which ones more talented here lol. My vote goes to Pink Floyd, as i semi hate KISS and am not to sure how they made it this far.

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Well, I am thrilled that I visited this website today. I loved this thread so much in the previous years.
Anyway, my vote goes to Pink Floyd, as they are one of my favorite bands of all time. Great lyrics and just great overall sound in my opinion.

@DayCee: Could you catch me up a bit in where we're at in this thread?

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I'm not the biggest Pink Floyd fan in the world, but I kinda like them. Wish You Were Here is one of my favorite songs. Anyway, Pink Floyd is one of music's most successful acts.
Plus, as I've said before, I don't really like Kiss.

So, I vote Pink Floyd.

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