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"C.R.B.W.C." : the Classic Rock Bands World Cup!

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Posted Apr 12, '11 at 9:20pm



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C'mon guys get some votes here.Spring break is over.By the way day cee whens the deadline?


Posted Apr 13, '11 at 3:23am



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My first choice would be Aerosmith. They have the widest variety of all the groups you've posted, and I find their music to be the most listenable.

My second choice is AC/DC. They have some great songs, which are also catchy. Catchiness is something I look for in songs, because otherwise I just forget the song altogether.


Posted Apr 13, '11 at 4:43pm



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@ Stinger_Maniac : Hey! A new voter joined the ranks! Welcome! And thanx for the vote of confidence to keep track of this competition! =)

@ iamnotironman : Officially (according to thread rules) this group closes at midnight 04/14/2011, buuuut... since I'll be attending a concert that night (tommorow) and I won't be back home untill the middle of the night, it will be open for voting untill midnight 04/15/2011! One more day to get your votes in people!

@ Armpit : Welcome back man! And thanx for voting in this year's edition! Good to see last year's participants return here! =D

With 3 more people stating their votes, a little shift has occured! AC/DC is now back in 3rd, passing Guns n' Roses, and Aerosmith has made a small gap of 6 points to second place runner-up Ozzy!

# Votes counted Group B: #

Aerosmith____ : 24 (3+3+3+1+3+3+1+1+3+3)
Ozzy Osbourne : 18 (3+1+3+1+3+3+3+1)
AC/DC________ : 15 (1+1+1+1+1+3+3+3+1)
Guns n' Roses : 14 (1+1+3+1+1+3+3+1)
Motorhead____ : 5 (3+1+1)
Meat Loaf____ : 0
Rose Tattoo__ : 0

So, with only 2 more full days to state your votes... let's see if Aerosmith can make it through this year (even in 1st place!!!) and whether AC/DC can gain enough points to throw Ozzy of the podium for second!

Your choices... your votes... your decisions! VOTE!!! =D


Posted Apr 14, '11 at 11:16am



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MrDayCee, I'm sorry for posting in the wrong thread :P And thanks for telling me for this one
I'll vote for Guns n' Roses 'cause they ROCK They have awesome songs and they are just perfect!


Posted Apr 14, '11 at 12:47pm



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Hey Luksy, you gotta pick one band to give 3 points and another to give 1 point. PLZ PLZ CHOOSE AC/DC!!!

lol jk, just choose whatever you like


Posted Apr 15, '11 at 5:42pm



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I think the second round ended so I'm not sure but I think Aeorsmith and ozzy move on.


Posted Apr 16, '11 at 7:11am



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Nice that ACDC caught up a bit! I just hope Ozzy overpowers


Posted Apr 16, '11 at 5:08pm



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@ Luksy2 : You barely made it with your votes coming in and the reasoning was pretty thin, but it didn't make any difference for the final ranking of this group, so I decided to count the first choice you stated, but... if you could give me your second choice for correct rankings as well, I'd be grateful! =) But remember to state a solid reasoning for futeure votes, ok?

A somewhat surprising ending in this group, I must say... it failed to reach the maximum votes limit (which I assumed it would be able to, because of the diversity in bands featured in it), BUT... this year Aerosmith managed to proceed to the next round, where they failed to do so in last years edition! And Ozzy managed to take second place during his debut this year! Excellent! =D

# Final Standings of votes counted Group B: #

Aerosmith____ : 24 (7 First Choices/3 Second Choices) - WINNER!!!
Ozzy Osbourne : 18 (5 First Choices/3 Second Choices) - RUNNER UP!!!

Guns n' Roses : 17 (4 First Choices/5 Second Choices) - Eliminated...
AC/DC________ : 15 (3 First Choices/6 Second Choices) - Eliminated...
Motorhead____ : 5 (1 First Choice /2 Second Choices) - Eliminated...
Meat Loaf____ : 0 (0 First Choices/0 Second Choices) - Eliminated...
Rose Tattoo__ : 0 (0 First Choices/0 Second Choices) -Eliminated...

This concludes the second round...

--- --- ---

Sorry for the delay, but finally... it's time to start the next round in this group stage, Group C! =D

This group beholds several of my personal favorite bands in this competition and I hope they will be able to provide some (expected) fireworks in terms of voting!! Here we go, presenting...

Featured contestants and info (in random order):

# Bad Company Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Canât Get Enough (1974), Feel Like Making Love (1975), Good Lovinâ Gone Bad (1975).

# Def Leppard Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Rock Of Ages (1983), Animal (1987), Letâs Get Rocked (1992).

# Whitesnake Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Fool For Your Loving (1980), Here I Go Again (1987), Is This Love (1987).

# Rainbow Official Fanclan Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Man On The Silver Mountain with Ronnie James DIO (1977), Since You've Been Gone (1979), I Surrender (1981).

# The Cult Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: She Sells Sanctuary (1985), Love Removal Machine (1987), Edie (Ciao Baby) (1989).

# Status Quo Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Down Down (1974), Roll Over Lay Down (1975), Whatever You Want (1979).

# U2 Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: I Will Follow (1980), Sunday Bloody Sunday (1983), Where The Streets Have No Name (1987).

As usual... the words to set things in motion and get them votes rolling in!

On your marks... get set... ready... eddie... steady... VOTE!!!


Posted Apr 16, '11 at 5:24pm



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New battle YAY! So my votes go to

1. U2: U2 is one of the biggest rock bands of all time. Bono's excellent singing combined with The Edge's extremely unique guitar sound made them stand out in the crowd. Plus, they were incredibly influential to the way that concerts are preformed with their stage set ups and other things.

2: Def Leppard: I particularly like the singer's voice in Def Leppard, and their songs like "Photograph" and "Rock of Ages" are pretty catchy. Plus, it's pretty impressive for a one armed drummer to be as good as he is.


Posted Apr 16, '11 at 6:20pm



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First vote most definitely goes to Rainbow, a talented band with one of the best voice ever: DIO. If I may add my personal two favourite songs: Kill the King (their greatest rock song) and The Temple of the King (most beautiful ballad).

Second vote goes to U2 for their fame, although it pains me to give them one more vote than they already have... I feel like Rainbow won't make it, and this saddens me.