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"C.R.B.W.C." : the Classic Rock Bands World Cup!

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Posted May 2, '12 at 2:07am



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Pink Floyd is the superior band here. I love Queen, but they're inconsistent, just listen to their 80's output. Shining in places, but the few gems are mired in poppy drivel. They petered out after A Day at the Races and only really came back with Innuendo.

Pink Floyd has several albums that are amazing and full of ideas throughout. Meddle to The Wall is a string out albums without equal in rock music, plain and simple. Inventive, bold, catchy, provocative, unique, all at the same time. The music speaks for itself.


Posted May 4, '12 at 2:28pm



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MrDayCee you failed to let me know when the next round came :P

Anyways. I vote for Pink Floyd.

They are way more influential than Queen in my opinion, and one of my favorite bands ever.

Their concerts are much more entertaining than Queen.

Plus, I like the psychedelic rock more than I do the 80's hair bands rock.

In one concert my parents went to, they showed me a video they took, Pink Floyd had a giant pink pig fly across the stadium. Which I think to be way cooler than fireworks or lasers.

Pink Floyd's music and lyrics are much more emotional and they put a lot into their music. I feel that Pink Floyd deserves my vote just because of how much they put into their music.

So, my vote goes to Pink Floyd


Posted May 5, '12 at 4:15am



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Hey guys and gals... I'll be posting the round up and reply to posts this evening!

I just have to gather my stuff and set everything right, ok? Hang on in there! =)


Posted May 6, '12 at 5:30am



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Sorry for the delay, but work can be a... ahm... busy somtimes!

@ Ernie15 : Hahaa LOL You made the joke I was actually thinking about when the beatle... I mean battle, was over! =P

@ delossantosj : Show of character there man! *tops hat* =)

@ daleks : I actually would have loved to do that (make a score count up to nebmas' vote), but I couldn't load and/or see the last page of the thread, so I couldn't even see who nebmas voted for! LOL

@ Maverick4 : You were right... because delos stepped back and decided not to vote, the score was a small lead for PF there at the time! Thanx!

@ KhaoticSniper : I know you can do better than that with the elaborated reasoning to your choice man... sorry, but I gave you some leeway last time, but this time around your vote will not be counted... =/

@ Maverick4 (2nd post) : WAY joke man!! LOL Good one! =P

@ FALLEN950 : Ooops... sorry man... I will make it right with the next round! Forgive me! =0

Allright then... time to gather all the votes and see what the score is, because the hickup-glitch-error-ma-thingy made sure I couldn't do an in between score count, so... can I get a... *drumroll*
(Thank you...)

Score count so far shows us... oh my... ... ...THAT was close?! Ahm, snap, sorry... it shows us :

Final score count for 1/4 Final # II :


9 - QUEEN - Eliminated...

Man... Queen lost by ONE vote to Pink Floyd! Had someone voted last for Queen, it would have been the other way around! (I could have made the difference... LOL) Oh well... I guess another one bites the dust 'ey?! (another favourite for champion that was...)


Time to post the next round for this competition then! =D


As always, here's all the information you need on both bands, which is for those of you that have some difficulty in deciding which one of them is the favourite one! So simply click the links, read/watch the info and decide! =)

# THE EAGLES Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Take It Easy (1973), One Of These Nights (1975), Hotel California - Live (1977), Heartache Tonight (1979).

# VAN HALEN Official Website / Wikipedia Article
__Example Songs: Unchained (1981), Jump (1984), Why Canât This Be Love â" "LIVE Without A Net" (1986), []Poundcake (1991).

So take a good look at the example videos (if needed), brainstorm about both bands a bit (if needed), crack those knuckles (if needed) and write your reasoning (needed!!) for one of the bands you vote for!! So, here we go again!!

On your marks... get set... ready... eddie... steady... VOTE!!!


Posted May 6, '12 at 11:12am



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This one actually hurts but my vote goes to The Eagles. They reigned superior, in my opinion with the Southern Rock genre during The Golden era of Rock or what we kids called the Vietnam Rock era. Their music is more the classical sound of Rock.

Glenn Frye, singer-songwriter, musician(what couldn't he play:
piano, drums, guitars(owned how many Fenders?!), harmonica, plus an actor and Wiki even says he could paint!, defines the term artist.
Plus, I had a major crush on the guy!

On the other hand, Van Halen's group was formed in the late '70's and ruled the radio during the '80's as more a Pop Rock band. Now, don't get me wrong, Eddie Van Halen's sound was heavy metal but as a group it got watered down to what was known as bubble gum rock. Since then, I've learned to appreciate Van Halen's guitar work but MTV, in my opinion, labeled them as Pop Rock and the videos from the '80's says it all, just check out their hair!


Posted May 6, '12 at 11:20am



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Not really a contest for me. I would have to go with the Eagles. They are in that genre that I love, rock but you could also say a little country.

Van Halen is good but I was never a heavy metal/hard rock fan.


Posted May 6, '12 at 1:27pm



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I consider Van Halen to be the greatest "hair metal" band of all-time. When it comes to hair metal vs. not hair metal, since it is one of my favorite musical genres, I'm almost always going to go with hair metal.

The Eagles are a fine band, and they've cranked out plenty of classics, but I can't say that I'd ever choose to listen to them over Van Halen.


Posted May 6, '12 at 3:37pm



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My vote this round shall go to Van Halen! David's powerful voice combined with Eddie's guitar work is an unstoppable amalgam in the rock world! Eddie is also a great keyboardist!

Aside from Heartache Tonight, I don't think there are any Eagles songs that I actually like.


Posted May 6, '12 at 4:35pm



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Ok so i really on't know these bands too well, but lol i will cast my vote for:

The Eagles!

Thoguh i really don't care for either, the composition of the eagles' Hotel California displays good vocals and balance of instruments.



Posted May 6, '12 at 4:55pm



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Why do you do this to me? It was nearly impossible for me to choose!

But, my vote goes to Van Halen.

Even though these are both 2 of my favorite bands of all time, along with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Iron Maiden. I still have to choose Van Halen.

This was a tough decision, they are both quite hard to compare. I'm more of a "metalhead" though I suppose. I love Eddie Van Halen's outrageous ability to play the guitar. He is No. 1 on my list of greatest guitarists, followed by John Bonham and Jimi Hendrix.

Also, Alex is one of my favorite drummers. I think David is a superior vocalist to Sammy, so he made the band what they were!

The Eagles on the other hand are a more well-balanced group and I think were more popular in their time than Van Halen was in theirs.

But nonetheless, my vote still goes to Van Halen.


Thanks MrDayCee for letting me know this time, I appreciate it :P